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Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd (in brief Wynca Group) was established in 1965 and was listed in September 2001 and was selected in the list of Most Valuable Listed Companies in China for many years continuously, one of the 500 manufacturing enterprises in China, and one of the global top 20 enterprises in agricultural chemicals.

TBEA Co., Ltd.

TBEA, a company committed to green development, is a service provider of clean energy solutions for the global energy industry. With more than 24,000 employees, the company is a national high-tech enterprise and a large-scale energy equipment manufacturer in China, and developed businesses in three strategic emerging industries, which includes power transmission and distribution, new energy, and new materials.

Holley Group

Holley Group is a private company focusing on business operation, and industrial investment and integration. It is the holding company of three A-share listed companies. Holley Group has been selected as one of the Top 500 Chinese enterprises since 2000, and it is a model enterprise of “Belt and Road” initiative.

DeHeng Law Offices

DeHeng (previously China Law Office, a subsidiary institution of the Ministry of Justice of China) is one of the largest law firms in P. R. China. Its establishment was officially approved by the Ministry of Justice of P. R. China and has transformed into a global partnership with offices in China and other jurisdictions.

Chilwee Group

Chilwee Group was founded in 1998 and listed on the main board of Hong Kong in July 2010. Zhejiang Chilwee Power Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chilwee Group with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, planning and design, integrated application, installation and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic, energy storage products and other new energy products.

Zhongwei Certified Public Accountants Co.,Ltd.

Zhongwei Certified Public Accountants Co.,Ltd. was established in March 18, 1998, with a registered capital of 300,000 yuan, and a business period from December 06, 1999 to December 05, 2029. The business scope of the company includes the review of corporate accounting statements, issuing audit reports, etc.

Zhejiang Financial Assets Exchange Corporation

Zhejiang Financial Assets Exchange Corporation was founded in 2014, dedicated to revitalizing stocks and utilizing incremental growth. It was based in Zhejiang, adhering to government guidance, and market-oriented operation.

Anhui Biochem United Pharmaceutical., Ltd

Located in Hefei High-tech Development Zone, Anhui Biochem United Pharmaceutical Company is a Chinese leading enterprise in R&D and production of anti-HBV&HIV/AIDS formulations and APIs, integrating scientific research, development and production, with a total of 1000 employees and total assets of RMB one billion.

Fangtongzhou Holdings

Fangtongzhou Holdings is a comprehensive international enterprise, with steel industry as the main axis and business covering coal coking, mineral resources, international trade, intelligent manufacturing, industrial finance and other fields. The Group is one of the top 100 private enterprises in Beijing.

Huajian Group

Chinese footwear maker Huajian Group, was founded in 1996 by Mr. Zhang Huarong, the current chairman, who started operations as a footwear factory in Jiangxi province.

China Hasan International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Hasan International is a multinational corporation, is engaged in transnational investment and global management. Being Headquartered in Beijing, Hasan International has established dozens of branches and subsidiaries in Guangdong, Sichuan and Qinghai provinces of mainland China as well as in Angola and Ghana.

CHINESTAR Construction R&D(Guangdong) Group Co., Ltd.

CHINESTAR Construction R&D(Guangdong) Group Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is an international construction service supplier integrating R&D and application, design consulting, manufacturing, construction and installation and after-sales service for prefabricated housing, building steel structure and curtain wall.

FUTONG Group Co., Ltd.

Futong Group was established in 1987, whose business segments include optical fiber communication, copper communication cable, electric power cable, new energy and so on.

Commerce Chamber of Shandong Non-Government Foreign Exchange Cooperation

Commerce Chamber of Shandong Non-Government Foreign Exchange Cooperation is the Shandong international business exchanges and cooperation between functions of the civil chamber of commerce organizations. It currently has 151 unit members, mainly related to international exchanges and cooperation, medical health, ecological aquaculture seafood processing, brewing, new materials and so on.

Beijing Dewe International Security Management Consultants Co.,Ltd.

Dewe International Security Group is a private enterprise group with the main business of safeguarding China's overseas interests and diversified development, and now their business scope covers security, trade, investment, consulting, science and technology, engineering, culture, education, catering, real estate, property and other fields.

Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for the BRI 

Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for the BRI  is a social service organization approved by the Beijing Law Society and registered in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The Judicial Reform Office of the Supreme People's Court of PRC identified the Center as a sub-project unit of the diversified dispute resolution mechanism reform project in 2016, and the Centre actively participated in the investigations, trials, and reform explorations organized by the Office of the Supreme People's Court Department Reform. 

ZNShine PV-Tech Co.,Ltd.

ZNShine PV-Tech Co.,Ltd is a famous photovoltaic manufacturer in the world, is devoted to the R&D and the production of solar modules, project development of EPC and EPCF for 33 years.The total capital of the company is RMB 3,800,000,000.00, productive capacity is 6GW and has 1000+ employees.

Hebei Donghua Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.

Founded on October 1, 2003, Donghua Group involves businesses and industries like the metallurgical mining industry, iron, steel smelting, fire-proof material production, real estate development, financial and commercial, ecological agriculture development, with total assets of RMB 6.35 billion.

China-Africa Business Council

Central to CABC are the principles of “respecting culture, combining generosity with profit, and promoting win-win cooperation”. In response to the Belt and Road Initiative and the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC), the organization has served as a platform for communication, networking and cooperation, offering practical guidance for Chinese businesses, especially those from the private sector, to build presence in Africa and contribute to the Continent’s development.

Lanxi Wanxin Co., Ltd.

Lanxi Wanxin Trading Co., Ltd., established in 2006, registered capital of 5 million yuan, is a professional engaged in the production and export of anti-theft doors, indoor doors and anti-theft Windows and other building materials as one of the production and trade enterprises, just 14 years, has begun to take shape. At present, the number of employees is 110, the annual turnover is 90 million yuan, the annual export value is 10 million (US $).

Qingdao CJ Smart Cargo International Services Co., Ltd.

CJ Smart Cargo is a one-step intelligent logistics solution provider in the world. Based on its core businesses, such as EPC project logistics, Heavy Lift, Marine Engineering Logistics, Ro-Ro Vehicle and innovative businesses, such as Oversea Warehouse, Factory Relocation, CJ Smart Cargo can provide customized, integrated, and intelligent logistic service. The network of CJ Smart Cargo spread 12 industrial cities and ports and 14 overseas branches. Meanwhile, CJ Smart Cargo’s businesses have covered 50 main ports and in-land cities that spread Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South American, Europe, and five countries Central Asia.

Jiangsu Jielong Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jielong Agricultural Development Group Co., Ltd. was established in November 2021 with a registered capital of CNY 100 million (US$15.699 Million). Formerly known as Jiangsu Jielong Technology Group, it is mainly engaged in production and sales of edible vegetable oil, beer malt, cassava starch, feed; trade, purchase, and storage of grain; port logistics; foreign trade, and other businesses.

Zhejiang Xiquan Trading Co., Ltd.

Guangde International Group entered Angola to start the China-Angola trade in 1999. In 2006, Guangde International Group Co., Ltd. (Guangde International Group, LDA) was registered in Angola. The company is located in the capital city of Luanda. So far, the business of the group company has been involved in many fields, such as trade, construction, power engineering, elevator engineering, building materials production, industrial park investment and management, aviation services and so on.

Shanghai Greenroad International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Greenroad International Logistics was founded in 1998 and is one of the top 100 Chinese Freight Forwarding Enterprises and the top 50 Chinese Private Freight Forwarding Enterprises. Greenroad has also obtained a AAA corporate credit rating and was verified by the ISO90001 quality management system. Today, Greenroad’s logistics specialists and branches are located around the world to provide professional solutions for project logistics.

Beijing Huayuan Security Guard Service Co., Ltd.

Beijing Huayuan Security Guard Service Co., Ltd. is a private security service company operating under the guidance of relevant Chinese laws and regulations. The company’s business fields involve personal protection, security consulting, security inspection, etc., which forms a comprehensive and multi-functional security service system.

Gansu Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Co., Ltd.

Gansu Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953, is a large state-owned backbone enterprises directly under the Gansu Provincial Government, is the largest construction investment operator in Gansu Province, for five consecutive years won the "China Top 500 Enterprises". In 2016, Gansu Construction Investment completed a total economic volume of 53.4 billion yuan.

Humanwell Healthcare (Group) Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1993 by a group of passionate college graduates, Humanwell Healthcare has grown into a fully integrated healthcare solutions provider.The company’s vision is to be the leader of each market segment it choses to participate, by providing its customers the highest quality products, the most comprehensive healthcare solutions, at the affordable prices.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “SPH”) is a large pharmaceutical group with dual listings on the Shanghai and Hong Kong’s stock exchanges. In 2021, SPH reported revenues of RMB 215.8 billion(USD 33.45billion), making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry. In 2020, SPH made the Global Fortune 500 list.

Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang China Commodities City Group Co., Ltd. was founded in December 1993. It's a state-owned holding company. The company's current capitalization is 5.4432 billion shares. At present, as the leader in China’s merchandise trade field, the company possesses 18 branches, has a holding or controlling interest in 55 companies, and owns nearly 5,000 employees.

Guangzhou Inter-Africa Express Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Inter-Africa Express Company Limited was founded in 2014 in Guangzhou, the registered capital of 5 million. At present, it has developed into an African-oriented aviation express, cross-border logistics, cross-border electricity supplier platform operations, and cross-border supply chain services as one of the integrated international logistics enterprises.

Keda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Keda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and listed on the SSE in 2002.The main business of the company is building materials machinery, overseas building materials, lithium materials and equipment, etc. The company strategically invested in lithium salt business with Lanke Lithium as the carrier. 2021, the company achieved sales revenue of 9.8 billion yuan, overseas revenue of 4.6 billion yuan and total profit of 1.53 billion yuan, an increase of 242.32% year-on-year. 2022, the first three quarters revenue of 8.533 billion yuan, an increase of 23.29% year-on-year.

Guangzhou Sunda International Trading Co., Ltd

Sunda International Group was established in 2000, as one of the international trade enterprises, which penetrate overseas markets such as Africa and South America at the earliest. The Group insists on the operational concept of appointing people with merits and advancing with the times.

Shenzhen Qianhai Yisanda Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Taking its root in Uganda Tiantang Group, Yisanda is the first masterpiece to the purpose of re-contribution to the great prosperity of China, founded by Mr. Paul Zhang, also known as “the Chinese Industrial Investment Pioneer in Uganda”, in Shenzhen, PRC, October 2020, in accordance with the call of “dual-circulation” by President Xi of PRC.

Qingdao Yewhing Group Co., Ltd.

Yewhing (H.K.) Holdings Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of RMB 50 million, is a comprehensive transnational enterprise group in the fields of commerce and trade supply chain, cross-border e-commerce, mechanical and electrical engineering contract, international trade, and investment in Africa. Now it has over 200 Chinese employees and over 500 foreign employees.

Zhongke Jiuwei Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongke Jiuwei Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focusing on the vacuum field. Its products include vacuum pumps, vacuum valves, vacuum chambers, vacuum measurement and vacuum components, etc., which are widely used in semiconductors, photovoltaic solar energy, biomedical research institutes, etc. The main customers are located in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

Choice International Investment Co., Ltd.

Choice International Group has a 20-year track record of developing strong business networks in emerging markets, focused on automobiles, household appliances, etc. Furthermore, it contributes to the socio-economic and cultural development of Africa, introducing many famous Chinese brands to the African market.

Zhongyang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Zhongyang Construction Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1953. In recent years, it has developed into a diversified large enterprise group with the features of engineering construction, real estate development, new building materials development and production, and financial investment, with business all over 22 provinces, cities, autonomous regions of China and overseas markets mainly in Africa, and has been among the ranks of top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi Province.

StarTimes Group

StarTimes, founded in 1988, is one of the most influential system integrators, technology providers, network operators, and content providers in China's TV broadcasting industry, and is on its way to becoming a globally influential media group.

Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Co., Ltd.

Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Baotou, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. With cashmere as raw material, the company produces hundreds of varieties of knitted, woven, and garment products, 70% of which are exported to the USA, Japan, Korea, and European countries.

Wepon Group

Founded in 1978, Wepon Group is a large-scale private group company headquartered in Wenling Zhejiang. The headquarters of the group has more than 800 employees and total assets of 2.65 billion CNY. The group operates in four major industries, including manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bearings and steel balls, and aluminum.

KPC Pharmaceuticals Inc.

KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc was established in March 1951 and floated on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2000. With its considerable professional experience in pharmaceutical industry, the company is listed as one of the new key national high-tech companies and one of the Top 100 companies in the Chinese medical industry. The company’s brands such as Luotai®, Tianxuanqing®, Artemedine®, Artem® and Arco® currently enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad.

China Hyway Group

China Hyway Group Limited is an international diversified enterprise. Its main business scope covers the general contracting of international projects, exploitation of resources and trade, international trade, and management & consulting on investment etc.

Zhejiang Holley Global Industry Development Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Holley Global Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Holley Global") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Holley Group and was incorporated in December 2019. "Holley Global" is a professional company specialized in investment, operation, and management and focusing on the company globalization.

​Anbang safe-guard Group Co., Ltd.

Anbang safe-guard Group Co., Ltd. is the only company that has armed security service qualifications in Zhejiang Province, and it is also the only provincial-level enterprise group in China that specializes in armed security services with 14 subsidiaries, more than 15,000 employees, 2,100 professional bulletproof cash transport vehicles, 40 central bases (treasury) totaling more than 250,000 square meters.

Hunan Heyday Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Hunan Heyday Solar Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and service of smart grid, new energy application and energy storage technology. With the initiation and deepening of energy conservation and pollution reduction initiatives, Heyday Solar integrated teams at home and abroad to conduct research and application in the field of hydrogen metallurgy, and achieved fruitful results. Heyday Solar helps the healthy development of the city with efficient comprehensive solutions of power and energy, and at the same time, it actively contributes to changing the existing dilemma of high energy consumption and high carbon emission in the steel industry.

Sanming Zhongxing Motorcycle Trading Co., Ltd.

SANMING ZHONGXING MOTORCYCLE TRADING CO.LTD was established in 1991. It is a collection of Trade and Industry as one of the international private enterprises. The subsidiary company GUANGZHOU YU SHENG YAN IMP&EXP CO., LTD was established in 2013, has US$10 million of registered capital. After 20 years of development, the company has formed a stable, mature and efficient cooperation of the two teams at home and abroad.

Reanda Certified Public Accountants

Reanda Certified Public Accountants, founded in Beijing in 1993, is a department-level institution of the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. After 27 years of rapid development, Reanda Certified Public Accountants has successively set up nearly 30 branches in major cities and has a large number of customer networks that enjoy high popularity at home and abroad.

Yingke Law Firm

As a global law firm from China, Yingke aims to serve the world with “one-stop” legal and commercial services. Yingke Law Firm, a leading law firm in China, was established in 2001 with our headquarters in Beijing. Today, our global network has reached 89 states and 158 international cities, forming a relatively full-fledged global legal service system – located in key financial, business and regulatory centers in Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

West Africa Golden Gate Group

The West Africa Golden Gate Group has the subsidiary of Nigeria Golden Gate Hotel.

Macau Chamber of Commerce

Macao Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest business organization in Macau, it was formally established on Jan. 8, 1913. Members are divided into shop member, organization member and individual member.

China-Africa Development Fund

CADFund is the first fund in China focusing on investment in Africa and also to encourage and support further Chinese Enterprises to invest in Africa to promote the development of Sino-African commercial ties.

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