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Gansu Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Co., Ltd.


Gansu Construction Investment (Holdings) Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1953, is a large state-owned backbone enterprises directly under the Gansu Provincial Government, is the largest construction investment operator in Gansu Province, for five consecutive years won the "China Top 500 Enterprises ". In 2016, Gansu Construction Investment completed a total economic volume of 53.4 billion yuan. 

Gansu Construction Investment has a special grade qualification for general contracting of housing construction and the right to operate abroad, and has developed into a modern large-scale construction and investment enterprise group, whose business has extended to construction and installation engineering, infrastructure construction and investment, real estate development and investment, project investment and financing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, steel structure industry, assembly-type construction, special vehicle manufacturing, new energy industry, trade and logistics, capital operation, scientific research and design, cultural tourism, hotel management and other fields. Gansu Construction Investment Co. 

Gansu Construction Investment integrates international and domestic two markets and two resources, actively integrates national strategies, actively coordinates regional development, innovates international business operation mode, continuously improves capital operation capability, strongly builds investment and financing platform, practically uses the combination of industry and finance, industry-city integration development mode, promotes comprehensive overall development with the idea of being based in Gansu, radiating the whole country and laying out the world, and creates a full docking within the province. The "joint construction and integration" model, coordination of the Group's industrial economy and the regional economy of the cities and states to develop together; domestic full coverage to create a "second base", focusing on the domestic provincial regions; overseas to follow up the "One Belt, One Road "The Group will continue to adjust its international market structure. The Group has been making use of its advantages of long history of professional operation, early market operation and high degree of integration in the field of construction and security to provide comprehensive services for domestic and foreign clients in various tall and difficult construction projects; insisting on promoting the "big real estate model" of specialization, branding and scale, and creating four business lines of residential real estate, subsidized housing, business real estate and urban With strategic investment as the leader and high-end equipment manufacturing as the support, we have built four industrial industrial parks, namely, Lanzhou Pengjiaping Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, Lanzhou New Area Industrial Park, Wuwei New Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park and Ganatma Industrial Park, and Wuwei Engineering Sand Control Experimental Demonstration Base. ", built a lifting machinery, construction machinery, tunnel boring machinery, wind power equipment, desert management equipment, special vehicles and steel structure housing industry seven industrial industrial system; from 1979, Gansu Construction Investment in the international construction market, in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America more than 30 countries and regions to undertake the aid projects, engineering contracting projects 500 More than 500 projects have been undertaken in more than 30 countries and regions in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America, with a total overseas economic volume of more than 20 billion yuan and a good international reputation. 

 Gansu Construction Investment is committed to integrating with national strategies, coordinating with regional development, and aligning with world standards, while actively fulfilling its social responsibilities. In the post-disaster reconstruction of Zhouqu and Min County, Gansu Construction Investment, as the main force to support the construction, the courage to assume the responsibility of large state-owned enterprises, in the implementation of the "precise poverty alleviation" action, Gansu Construction Investment innovation, the establishment of "precise poverty alleviation" long-term strategic cooperation mechanism to support the economic development of the county. Create a new mechanism for state-owned enterprises to help the poor. 

During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Gansu Construction Investment to "investment-led, centralized control, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development" as the strategic policy, adhere to the intensive, professional, capitalization, internationalization, modernization of the development model to ensure that the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" at the end of the completion of the economic development. At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the total economic volume will be 80 billion yuan, and the company will strive to become a first-class enterprise of 100 billion yuan.
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