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Keda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Keda Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992 and listed on the SSE in 2002 (stock code: 600499). In July 2022, Keda Manufacturing successfully issued GDR and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (stock code: KEDA), becoming one of the first four Chinese companies listed in Switzerland. The main business of the company is building materials machinery, overseas building materials, lithium materials and equipment, etc. The company strategically invested in lithium salt business with Lanke Lithium as the carrier. 2021, the company achieved sales revenue of 9.8 billion yuan, overseas revenue of 4.6 billion yuan and total profit of 1.53 billion yuan, an increase of 242.32% year-on-year. 2022, the first three quarters revenue of 8.533 billion yuan, an increase of 23.29% year-on-year. 

After three decades of innovation and development, in the field of building materials machinery, Keda Manufacturing has achieved the historical goal of "localization of ceramic equipment" and "being a world powerhouse in the building materials equipment industry", and has completed the transformation from a single equipment supplier to a whole line of ceramic plant engineering supplier. Our core products include presses, kilns, grinding equipment, etc. We are the only enterprise in China that can provide the whole line of equipment and services for building ceramics, and our comprehensive strength ranks first in Asia and second in the world, and we are the world leader in the ceramic machinery industry. Keda's ceramic machinery business is deeply involved in "globalization" and "service-oriented" development, and has strategically made overseas localization to form a strong global market competitiveness, through the establishment of subsidiaries in Europe, India and Turkey, and the acquisition of the famous Italian ceramic machinery company Vigo. By establishing subsidiaries in Europe, India and Turkey, and acquiring the famous Italian pottery machine company Vigo, we have moved production and service forward and strengthened the integration of overseas localized marketing network, management team and supply chain. In the future, the building materials machinery business of Keda Manufacturing will be extended vertically through the combination of "equipment + accessories and consumables + services" and horizontally through the development of common core equipment to achieve the long-term development of the building materials machinery business. 
In 2021, Keda Manufacturing has been ranked on the list of "China Machinery Top 500" for 6 consecutive years and "Foshan Top 100 Enterprises" for 3 consecutive years, and won the "Guangdong Top 500 Enterprises in 2021 ", "Top 100 Guangdong Manufacturing Enterprises in 2021".
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