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Shanghai Greenroad International Logistics Co., Ltd.


Greenroad International Logistics was founded in 1998 and is one of the top 100 Chinese Freight Forwarding Enterprises and the top 50 Chinese Private Freight Forwarding Enterprises. Greenroad has also obtained a AAA corporate credit rating and was verified by the ISO90001 quality management system. Today, Greenroad’s logistics specialists and branches are located around the world to provide professional solutions for project logistics.

Nowadays, science and technology are developing rapidly and the environment around us is changing fast .Our Society is in a period of economic structural adjustment and upgrading of traditional industries.The network information age that integrates "Internet plus" in all walks of life has arrived. New industries new commercial activities and new business models are constantly emerging and the market is full of challenges and opportunities! 

Facing the challenge, GREENROADINTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS adheres to the concept of "market-oriented, customer-centric, and innovation for development", and continuously improve the company's resource development and management capabilities with the help of science and new technologies, and is committed to build a cooperative and open service platform, integrating resources domestic and overseas inside and outside the industry, leading the future of the industry with quality logistics service, extending upstream and downstream industries, optimizing the industrial chain and value chain, being a resource integration and industry combination development herald, being a development and operation service provider and a market dynamic contemporary enterprise.

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