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Reanda Certified Public Accountants


       Reanda Certified Public Accountants ("Reanda China")founded in Beijing in 1993, is a department-level institution of the former Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperationwhich became Reanda Certified Public Accountants LLP. through decoupling reformation in 1999, and was successfully transformed into Reanda Certified Public Accountants (special general partnership) in 2013. After 27 years of rapid developmentReanda Certified Public Accountants has successively set up nearly 30 branches in major cities, the major cities including Beijing, ZhuhaiHarbinShenyang, TianjinJinanShenzhenChangshaHangzhouZhengzhouChengdu, Shanghai, Dalian, Xiamen, Wuhan, LanzhouHefei, Xi'anShijiazhuang, XiangtanQingdaoTaiyuanJiaxing, Nanjing, Nanchang, Xiningand SanyaAs one of the largest financial and tax group networks in China, Reanda Certified Public Accountants entered the ranks of China's 'Top 10" accounting firms in 2008, and has a large number of customer networks which enjoy high popularity at home and abroad. 

Reanda International was initiated by Reanda Certified Public Accountants LLP on April 29th 2009 in Beijing and established referring to the international "Big four" management models to engage in cross-border finance and tax professional service. As an international accounting network with independent Chinese brand, Reanda International has eight business sectors including auditassessmenttaxinvestment and financing, project cost, management consulting, accounting service and international business. Since its establishment, Reanda International's cumulative social contribution is worth more than RMB 6 billion yuanand it has over 200 partners and nearly 4,000 employees worldwide. Since 2011Reanda International has been participating in the ranking of international authoritative magazines, and has been among the top 19-24 international accounting companies in the world, which is well received and focused. Until nowReanda International has 41 member firms at home and abroad and more than 30 cooperation alliances, including Mainland China, Hong Kong and MacaoJapan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cyprus, Indonesia, Mauritius, New ZealandRussia, China's Taiwan

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