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StarTimes Group


Founded in 1988, StarTimes is one of the most influential system integrators, technology providers, network operators, and content providers in China's TV broadcasting industry, and is on its way to becoming a globally influential media group.

With a global vision, StarTimes began to expand its business to Africa in 2002, and has been working closely with African governments to jointly promote digitalization and informatization. To date, StarTimes has established subsidiaries in more than 30 African countries, including Rwanda, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Guinea, D. R. Congo, South Africa, etc, and has begun digital TV and online streaming operation in most of them. With more than 13 million digital TV subscribers and 20 million mobile subscribers, StarTimes has now become the fastest-growing and the most influential digital TV operator in Africa.

While growth is our objective, it is imperative for this growth to be entrenched in a strong value system: innovation, integrity, diligence and devotion. StarTimes always seeks harmony and win-win outcomes, and regards fulfilling social responsibilities as an obligation from time to time. It is thus widely recognized and respected both at home and abroad.

In the near future, StarTimes will continue to plough deep into the African market, establish its own business ecosystem, and strive to materialize its media coverage impact to make affordable business convenience available, and ensure the high integration of humanity and business for African friends.

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