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Holley Group


Holley Group was established on September 28th, 1970, a private enterprise group with Holley Group Co., Ltd. being the main company. It focuses on the pharmaceutical sector and achieves diversified investment. 

Currently, it is the holding company of three A-share listed companies, including KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SH 600422), Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (SH 600976) and Wazam New Materials Co., Ltd (SH 603186). Also, Holley is the shareholder of another two A-share listed companies, including Huamei Holding (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (SZ 000607), Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (SH 603858), and one company in the NEEQ Market, Zhejiang Houdar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (870688). 

In 2017, its operating income registers at RMB 22.4 billion yuan. Holley Group has been selected multiple times as one of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, Top 500 Chinese Conglomerates and Top 500 Private Enterprises. It is truly a model enterprise for the “Belt and Road” initiative.

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