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Holley Group


Holley Group was established in 1970 which started as a combination of three small workshops for umbrellas, brooms and bamboo wares and produced small orders of electric energy meters. In the 1990s, Holley became the largest enterprise in Chinas electrical instrument industry and then abandoned the factory mode and began to diversify its investment. Up to now, it has developed into a diversified investment private conglomerate, composing of the parent company Holley Group Co., Ltd. and multiple industrial group enterprises, which focuses on business operation, and industrial investment and integration. Currently, Holley Group holds three A-share listed companies, including KPC Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SH 600422), Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (SH 600976) and Wazam New Materials Co., Ltd (SH 603186). It has formed a One Main Two Wings industrial layout with pharmaceutical industry as its core business and smart grid and new material as its strategic industries and built an overseas industrial agglomeration platform with overseas industrial parks as its carrier. Holley Group has been selected as one of the Top 500 Chinese enterprises since 2000, and it is a model enterprise of Belt and Road initiative.  

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