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Zhongyang Construction Group Co., Ltd.


Zhongyang Construction Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 1953, formerly known as Fuzhou District Construction Bureau, Fuzhou Construction Engineering Company. In 2003we completed the restructuring of state-owned enterprisesin November 2010, we changed its name to Zhongyang Construction Group Co. Ltd., with registered capital of 916 million yuan. 

Currently, we have Premium Qualificationfor General Contract of Housing Construction, Grade A Design Qualification for Construction Industry (Construction Engineering and Civil Air Defense Engineering), GradeI Construction Qualification for General Contract of Highway Engineering, Municipal Public Works, and Mechanical and Electrical EngineeringGrade I Qualification for Professional Contract of 4 areas including Foundation Engineering, Building Decoration, Fire Protection Engineering and Steel Structure, as well as Class C Qualification for Urban and Rural Planning. In the meanwhile, our company also has the enterprise qualification for general contract of the Ministry of Commerce for the complete foreign aid projects. We have actively expanded foreign investment and engineering construction projects in Zambia, Ethiopia, Djibouti and other African countries, and achieved fruitful results. Through the rapid development in recent years, our company has developed into a diversified large enterprise group with the features of engineering construction, real estate development, new building materials development and productionand financial investment, with business all over 22 provinces, cities, autonomous regions of China and overseas markets mainly in Africa, and has been among the ranks of top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi Province as a construction enterprise for four consecutive years. 

At present, our group has nearly 10000 staffs, of which, more than 2000 are administrative staffs of all sorts and 460 with professional title, 68 with senior title, more than 100 are national registered first-class constructors, over 20 are registered first class designers. 

Since our company was founded over 60 years ago, we have been adhering to the principle of good faith management, quality first.  Recently, Zhongyang Construction Group has undertaken a group of large scale, complicated, advanced and influential construction projects which one after another won the highest honor of National construction industry project quality - Luban award and more than 400 awards of excellent projects in provincial and city level (including 2 projects awarded with Shanghai Magnolia , 19 projects awarded with Jiangxi province Rhododendron ). More than 70 projects were honored with the demonstration projects of provincial and municipal quality safety standard, many projects were awarded with credible construction sites of security civilization standardization with AAA levelones satisfying national customersdemonstration projects of new technology application for  all-provincial construction industry.  

We vigorously implement the strategy of science and technology, our technology center was identified as Jiangxi provincial level enterprise technology center in September, 2013 and in the same year was honored with the title of Jiangxi excellent enterprise technology center. We obtained three National Construction Methods and fourteen Provincial Construction Methods. On the other hand, we edited construction industry standard Technical Specification for Building  Plastic Composite Formwork (No.JGJ/T 352-2014)

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