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Hunan Heyday Solar Technology Co., Ltd.


Heyday Solar originated from "FADSA", a company established in Algeria in 2010, with average annual sales of more than 300 million US dollars. "FADSA" occupies 75 % of Algeria's renewable energy market share and is the exclusive agent of the Chinese enterprises who entered Algeria's electricity market.

Based on the past professional market experience accumulated in Africa, Heyday Solar was established and committed to the development, research and sales of smart grids, power stations, new energy applications and energy storage technologies. With more than 100 employees, of which, the R&D staff accounts for 38%, and the staff with master degree or above accounts for 25% of the total. Heyday Solar serves the power industry, industry & commerce, and household residents with high-efficiency integrated power and energy solutions, and supports the development of cities with constantly innovative technologies and solutions. The scope of operation covers many countries and regions in China, Africa and Europe, etc...

Heyday Solar actively responded to the national Belt and road initiative and vigorously explored overseas markets, especially the Africa market. In 2017, the overseas markets affiliates sold more than 300 million US dollars in Algeria. The company’s domestic operating income is 185 million RMB and more than 15 % of the operating income is invested in the R&D and technological innovation field every year to ensure the company's leading position in the industry. In future, we will continue to go forward bravely and create value for our customers and society.

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