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Wepon Group


Founded in 1978, Wepon Group (or Wanbangde Group) is a large-scale private group company headquartered in Wenling Zhejiang, the city set in the scenic East China Sea, where the first sunshine in the new millennium shined. The headquarters of the group has more than 800 employees and total assets of 2.65 billion CNY. The group operates in four major industries, including manufacturing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, bearings and steel balls, and aluminum and has a publicly traded company of Wanbangde New Materials. The group also contain 48 subsidiaries are located in many provinces and cities in the Americas, Africa and China.

In recent years, the company has won the honorary titles such as “National Torch  Program Key High-tech Enterprise”, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”, “Culture and Cerebrovascular  Drug  Provincial  High-tech  Enterprise Research and Development Center” .

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