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Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for the BRI 


Beijing Retio Legal and Commercial Service Center for the BRI (hereinafter referred to as “the Center”) is a social service organization approved by the Beijing Law Society and registered in the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. The Judicial Reform Office of the Supreme People's Court of PRC identified the Center as a sub-project unit of the diversified dispute resolution mechanism reform project in 2016, and the Centre actively participated in the investigations, trials, and reform explorations organized by the Office of the Supreme People's Court Department Reform. 

In 2015, BNRSC was launched in Milan, Italy, initiated by DeHeng Law Offices as one of the founding institutions, in line with the Belt and Road initiative, together with  China Overseas Development Association (CODA), Chamber of International Commerce of Kazakhstan and Industry and dozens of legal, financial and financing institutions in Asia and Europe etc. Under the framework of BNRSC, the Center launched the International Commercial Mediation Center for the Belt and Road (BNRMC), which focuses on international commercial mediation, and provides professional legal services for domestic and foreign companies around “project docking, risk resolution, and dispute mediation”. In 2019, during the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, director of the Center was invited as the only representative of non-governmental organizations, delivered a speech at  Thematic Forum on sub-national cooperation of the Forum, and jointly released the "Beijing initiative of the BNRSC" with 23 international legal institutions in 12 countries. "Beijing initiative" has become a highlight of the Thematic Forum. In the same year, the Center was selected as one of the first batch to promote the joint construction of the comprehensive service platform for BRI bilateral investment. In 2020, the Center has been promoted by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C as one of the best platforms in the cooperation for BRI for popularizing a number of good experiences and practices to the whole country. On September 5, 2021, during 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS), the Beijing Leading Group for the Promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative Office launched the BRI Legal and Commercial Innovation Services Platform proposed by the Center. This is the first international cooperation platform named with "Belt and Road" in Beijing, aiming to build platforms for commercial mediation services, project financing services, legal think tank services, and legal ascertainment services etc., gathering international financial and legal experts and talents and create an international first-class legal and commercial environment. 

By the end of October 2021, the Center has 519 mediators worldwide and established 92 offline mediation rooms.  6389 mediation cases. It has accepted about 6,389 cases, with a success rate of over 60%.  

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