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The China Africa Advisory

The China Africa Advisory is an independent Africa and China-focused boutique consulting firm that assists governments, international organizations and business to realize sustainable development in African countries under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Beijing Axis Ltd.

The Beijing Axis is a professional service firm that does global procurement, international sales activation and cross-border advisory. It collaborates with clients across their value chain through outsourced global procurement services, international sales activation and cross-border capital & strategic advisory, in order to raise their performance and profitability.

Global Max Media Group (Pty) Ltd.

GMMG is committed to integrating media resources from African countries and creating regional mainstream media. It includes radio and television, multimedia network platform, mobile media, video and print media. GMMG is the largest Chinese media group in Africa and has nearly 10 media platforms of more than 8 languages in the African region.

AELEX Partners

AELEX PARTNERS is one of the largest law firms in West Africa with offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja and Accra, Ghana. It emerges local legal expertise and presence, political & industry wide connections with an appreciation of global standards.

Aderpetun, Caxton-Martins, Agbor & Segun

ACAS-Law is recognised and known as one of Nigeria’s top ranking corporate and commercial law practices and has gained an enviable reputation as being perhaps the leading oil and gas law firm in Nigeria.

Development Reimagined Co.,Ltd.

Development Reimagined Co.,Ltd. is a consultancy company which has a team of development, diplomacy, environmental and public relations leaders. It has a mission to deliver sustainable development and poverty reduction in a dynamic and comples world.

Afroraft Business Services Ltd.

Afroraft Business Services Ltd. is a business services company on a mission to facilitate trade, innovation, integration, and industrialization in Africa and other developing regions.

BMCE Bank of Africa Shanghai Branch

BMCE Bank was established in 1959 as a national bank established by the Moroccan government to promote foreign trade. It was privatized in 1995 and its headquartered located in Casablanca and listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange (stock code: BCE). It is the third largest commercial bank in Morocco with a market share of approximately 15%.

The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa

The Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa (AFSA) was founded in June 1996 as a non-profit organisation aimed at resolving disputes speedily and cost effectively. As a non-profit company it offers a comprehensive and highly professional administered dispute resolution service at an affordable price.

REY Import and Export PLC

REY Import and Export PLC is a pharmaceutical and medical import and distribution company established with a mission of availing Medical Instruments to its customers with excellent after-sales support through its highly trained in-house engineers.

Blue Azurite Ltd.

Blue Azurite Ltd is a company licenced as a Management Company by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius. It focuses on delivering business solutions to multinationals and individuals worldwide. It offers a range of services to international clients.

Crystal River Products

Crystal River Products is a Kenyan based enterprise with branches and outlet distribution points throughout the country. It is a manufacturer of quality bio based beauty and clean care products, for personal, household and corporate use.

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