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Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “SPH”) is a large pharmaceutical group with dual listings on the Shanghai and Hong Kong’s stock exchanges– SSE Stock Code 601607 and HK Ex Stock Code 02607. The company’s core business is in pharmaceuticals and covers four major activities: Research & Development, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retailing.    

In 2021, SPH reported revenues of RMB 215.8 billion(USD 33.45billion), making the company one of the country’s major forces in the industry. In 2020, SPH made the Global Fortune 500 list. Pharm Exec ranks SPH as one of the top 50 global pharmaceutical enterprises. SPH’s stock is included in the sample stocks of both the SSE 180 and CSI 500 indexes, and was also selected into MSCI.   

Research & Development  

SPH’s Research & Development team is dedicated to providing innovative, safe and effective drugs against serious and chronic diseases.   

The company has set up an R&D system with the Central Research Institute as its technical core. In 2021, SPH’s total R&D investment was RMB2.5bn (USD387.5mm), and the Company employed more than 1400 R&D staff. SPH owns one state-level, ten provincial/city-level Corporate Technology Centers and overseas R&D centers. In 2014 and 2015, two cooperative projects won the First Class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award. SPH has adopted an open R&D philosophy. As a result, we have built strategic alliances in innovative drug R&D with institutions and corporations at home and abroad. Numerous innovative products are in the registration or clinical trial stages.   


SPH’s manufacturing facilities provide products ranging from chemicals and biochemical to modern TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and healthcare products. We are focused on 7 major therapeutic areas:  anti-tumor, heart and cerebral vessels, neuroscience, anti-infection, auto-immunity, digestive tract and metabolism.   

The Company has product lines for a complete range of dosage forms of drugs both at home and abroad. It uses lean management and quality information management in manufacturing, so as to keep its quality and cost leadership. SPH produces nearly 700 varieties of drugs each year. 44 of its products have sales revenues of over RMB 100 million(USD 14.50 million.) A number of products have passed quality authentications from the WHO, FDA, EU.   


SPH’s distribution network covers the whole Chinese territory. SPH has established close relationships with major domestic and foreign drug manufacturers through supply chain solutions, covering more than 32,000 hospitals at different levels. The Company has a state-of-the-art distribution system, providing an effective, quick, and intelligent supply chain.  

SPH’s innovative distribution business model is a leader in China. Features include supply chain extension service within hospitals, third-party logistics services, direct drug delivery services, one-stop service for imported drugs, information management of drug inventory, and clinical support services.  


SPH is one of the top pharmaceutical retailers in China in sales revenue. The Company is a domestic leader in the integration of online and offline drug retail businesses.  

Through its electronic prescription circulation platform, and over 2,000 branded offline retail chain pharmacies in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China, the Company is able to provide efficient, professional and safe services to its customers. 

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