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Guangzhou Inter-Africa Express Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Inter-Africa Express Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "IAExp") was founded in 2014 in Guangzhou, the registered capital of 5 million. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, Nansha Free Trade Zone, has an international freight agent qualification. At present, IAExp has developed into an African oriented aviation express, cross-border logistics, cross-border electricity supplier platform operations and cross-border supply chain services as one of the integrated international logistics enterprises. 

IAExp was first explicitly put forward the " connecting Africa to the world " concept of development. In 2014, IAExp opened the first African port of destination, relying on the IAExp service, to open a new era in Africa online shopping. As of now, IAExp has opened Ethiopia, Tanzania, Garner, Nigeria and other 20 African countries, 22 main destinations, service network throughout Africa. IAExp through the localization partner, realizes between China and Africa the whole journey, the integration, the traceability logistics and the supply chain service. In 2015, the company invested in the construction of B2C oriented business platform for Africa (Kikuu). Kikuu has now covered 6 countries in Africa, developed into Africa's top three electronic business platform. 

In logistics service industry, through the establishment of transport warehouse in the Pan African China main city, relying on domestic express and logistics system and Ethiopia airlines to improve the network, to provide value for money services for Africa. 

The IAExp service network can realize Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai set point of shipment; class seven freighters, the average daily capacity of 800 tons, via ADD transit can cover all of Africa. As of now, the IAExp air cargo volume has service 75% South Chinese market, more than 10000 of the membership service. The volume of business grew from less than 1 tons in 2014 to 2017, and it is expected that the volume of cross-border air cargo is expected to be over 7000 tons. Based on the domestic and overseas IAExp logistics resources to partners, help target customers customized logistics solutions to meet individual needs; The IAExp development information system, to provide full logistics information tracking; The IAExp has good relationship with customs, airport and airline, to provide more than the port of destination – ServiceThe IAExp relying on overseas partners, at the port of destination to provide door to door, collection and other value-added services. Compared with postal parcel, international express and overseas warehouse, the IAExp in the timeliness (full at the port of destination, only the fastest 48 hours, 24 hours door-to-door express parts), security (full information tracking, strain capacity, service (rich) professional customer service system, together with partners to provide perfect service to the port of destination) and cost (professional focus, below the competition 50% about the price) and gradually build a strong core competitiveness. 

In the future, the IAExp express will continue to consolidate the position in the non-aviation logistics market, expanding in the field of cross-border electricity supplier influence, continues to expand the service category and user groups, connecting Africa to the world , will build for the IAExp cross-border electricity supplier and logistics service first brand. 

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