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Shenzhen Qianhai Yisanda Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd.


Taking its root in Uganda Tiantang Group, Yisanda is the first masterpiece to the purpose of re-contribution to the great prosperity of China, founded by Mr. Paul Zhang, also known as “the Chinese Industrial Investment Pioneer in Uganda”, in Shenzhen, PRC, October 2020, in accordance with the call of “dual-circulation” by President Xi of PRC. 

By more than 20 years of hard works and striving, Tiantang Group is now grown from a tiny Ugandan luggage factory to an immense diversified conglomerate who gains its fame all over the East Africa. Tiantang Group’s business covers eight fields, including industrial park investment and construction, production and manufacturing, hotel and catering, tourism services, real estate development, mineral development, machinery trade and security services. 

With the continuous development of Tiantang Group, honors are coming by one and another. Under the lead of chairman Mr. Paul Zhang, Tiantang Group has continued to expand its business and its influence, not only gaining its fame all over the East Africa, but also be a successful role model of “globally-oriented” Chinese enterprises, demonstrating leading effect and a great example for Chinese enterprises entering Uganda and Africa. In the Year of 2019, Mr. Paul Zhang was awarded the title of “the Chinese Industrial Investment Pioneer in Uganda” and was invited to Beijing to attend the National Day Ceremony & Dinner for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. The invitation is the affirmation and praise for both Mr. Paul Zhang and his Tiantang Group. It also strengthens Paul’s idea of long-term cultivating in the African market and adhering to localized and diversified development. 

Driven by the continuous prosperity of motherland China and the great success of Tiantang Group, Paul could no longer pause his will of coming back to his motherland. Without any hesitation, Paul choose to set up Yisanda Group in Shenzhen, the window of “Economic Reform and Opening up”. Taking advant
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