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Hebei Donghua Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.


Donghua group was founded on October 1,2003,the existing staff of more than 4800,total assets of RMB 6.35 billion. Group has four secondary groups, a division,16 members of the enterprise, involving metallurgical mining industry, iron ,steel smelting, fire-proof material production, real estate development, financial and commercial, ecological agriculture development and other business sectors, is set research and development manufacturing, finance, trade as one of the cross-industry, cross-regional integrated private enterprise groups.

Group headquarters is located in Kaiping district, Tangshan City, affiliated companies and offices are located in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Province and the Yang-tze river delta, the pearl riber delta and Hong Kong.

Over the years ,Donghua group has always adhere to the good faith as the basis for the market oriented, quality for the life, to win as the goal ,with the strength of the enterprise and the three professional team management, has achieved good development, business scale and economic benefits of successive years of growth. Iron and Steel Group has formed a relatively complete sintering, smelting and rolling as one of the iron and steel industry chain, the main products are: high quality medium, high carbon steel billet, rectangular billet, hot rolled round steel, hot rolled ribbed steel, high strength steel, cast steel ,cast iron corrosion-n products; The mining group has formed the exploration, design, mining, coal mining as one of the enterprise architecture, main products are: iron ore, iron preet-c.; Real estate group has achieved commercial, residential real estate development, sales, property management, ecommerce and other one-stop service management model; Division of the cause of the financial, financial management, business logistics and other aspects of personnel.

The company each production enterprises all passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, leading products have achieved the national industrial products production license, product quality is better than the national standard, product trustworthy enterprise by Hebei quality inspection association.

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