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What we do

Actively responds to the measures of the FOCAC

CABC actively responds to the measures of the FOCAC. In 15 years, CABC has received over 300 delegations from 43 African countriesand organized visits to 41 African countries. With the support of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, CABC submits suggestions to the governmental agencies based on the opinions and demands of the companies, searches international opportunities for its members, provides consulting on investment financing and promotes self-discipline among the members.

Dedicated to the economic development of Africa

CABC is dedicated to the economic development of Africa. Led by the principle of “Respecting culture, combining generosity with profit andpromoting win-win cooperation” proposed by the first Chairman Mr. Hu Deping, over 1900 member companies of CABC, including China-Africa Development Fund, Shenzhen Energy Group and Huajian Group, have operated in 51 African countries and made investments in 45 African Countries, hiring over 110,000 local employees and creating more than1.6 million jobs.

Committed to serving Chinese investors in Africa

CABC is committed to serving Chinese investors in Africa. CABC accompanies high-level governmental visits to Africa, receives Africanstatesmen and hosts institutionalized bilateral forums with many African countries. CABC provides assistance regarding to governmental affairs, international communications, information services, investment and financing. Serving members through its membership network, CABC provides specialized services including international promotion, visa application, business trips, legal and commercial consulting, training, seminars, security services and emergency rescue.

Devoted to promoting public benefits in Africa

CABC is devoted to promoting public benefits in Africa. CABC advocates its member companies in shouldering CSRs and promoting culturalexchanges. In 2015, China-Africa Business Council, together with China-Africa Development Fund, UNAIDS, UNDP, and China Red Ribbon Foundation, founded the “Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund” under the China Social Assistance Foundation. This fund aims to help African women and children living with HIV and has been warmly received especially by Chinese students.

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