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Zhejiang Xiquan Trading Co., Ltd.


In 1999, Guangde International Group entered Angola to start China-Angola trade. In 2006, Guangde International Group Co., Ltd. (Guangde International Group, LDA) was registered in Angola. The company is located in the capital city of Luanda. So far, the business of the group company has been involved in many fields, such as trade, construction, power engineering, elevator engineering, building materials production, industrial park investment and management, aviation services and so on. China Purchasing Center (Zhejiang Xiquan Trading Co., Ltd.) is established in Yiwu, a small commodity city in China. In addition, the company has rich experience in import and export trade and various engineering construction, and has good government relations in China and Angola. The group has more than 450 Chinese employees, including more than 2000 Angolan employees. 

In 2004, the company launched the establishment of the Angolan Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Luanda City, the capital city, and in August 2014 changed its name to the Angolan Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the main purpose of which is to unite Chinese enterprises and individuals in Angola to promote the culture of the motherland, enhance cooperation and exchange, share information and seek common development. The Chamber of Commerce is chaired by the chairman of the company's chairman, Xu Ning, and the Chamber of Commerce has already been joined by about 85 members, and a number of enterprises have submitted applications for membership. 

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