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CAMAL Group Ltd. is a procurement and investment company having offices in China, Kenya and Zambia.  Its key service is end-to-end procurement which means it help African companies find the suppliers, visit the factories, test the products, arrange logistics until they receive their products. Its main focuse is on equipment, steel and chemicals.

It has 3 cross-border businesses focused on the resource and construction serctors:

1- It assists its clients procure steel, capital equipment & industrial chemicals from China, with ensurement thatthe clients obtain high quality products from trustworthy suppliers while ensuring cost-savings.

2- It supports commodity sellers gain access to China and other international markets, with a hands-on involvement in the transaction process thus minimizing transaction risks to both commodity buyers and sellers.

3- It advises its clients on joint venture opportunities, cross-border acquisitions, disposals, market entry & capital source, with focus on the mining and construction/project constracting sectors.

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