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I Dhamac Investment Consultant Firm


iDHAMAC, headquartered in Hargeisa, Somaliland, serves as an end-to-end premier investment facilitaion services and consulting firm, offering a variety of investment, trade and projects facilitation services for private investors, organization, NGOs and foreign businesses.

1- Investment Facilitation - facilitate strategic investments in Somaliland, assist in the establishment and expansion of local and foreign investment projects, and advocate for the continued development and enhancement of the investment environment in Somaliland, by working with public and private sector stakeholders, focusing on areas where practical steps can be taken to remove identified constraints and challenges.

2- Business Facilitation - provides a one-stop shop service for Businesses and receive assistance in getting their business ventures started. We aim to meet the needs of each Business by providing prompt and reliable information to ensure the success of their ventures.

3- Consultancy - provide consulting, advisory and research services in three main areas: governmental, operational, Management and financial. No matter what clients need to know, from local labor laws to where staff should live, iDHAMAC has the answers. In an increasingly digital world, global businesses are accustomed to easy access to information. However, this often isn’t the case in Somaliland - local knowledge is essential for a successful Project and your business venture.

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