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The Human Capital SL


The Human Capital Institute Sierra Leone (HCI-SL) is a profit making, non-voluntary social business committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of young professionals, experienced professionals and entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone and beyond. It promotes opportunities to support, connect and grow through training, coaching, lobbying, mentoring, networking, and developing strategic partnerships and alliances with key institutions and organizations based in Sierra Leone and internationally. With its services, it aims to reduce the unemployment rate firstly in Freetown and then at national level, to equip fresh graduates and young professionals with skills that are in demand on the labor market and to form a well prepared community of professionals who would know where and how to look for jobs and get employed and mentor others at their turn.

CI-SL will also act as a lobbying group on human resources, employment disparities, labor laws and their effectiveness, employers’ well-being and the local content policy related to business operations in Sierra Leone, highlighting barriers to succeed and opportunities available in the country as well as the challenges faced by youths, employers, young professionals and entrepreneurs in Sierra Leone.

This institute has taken part in numerous youth’s employment soft skills training programmes and activities both at national and community levels in collaboration with various youth channels across the country.

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