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African Logistics Port Hub Association (ALPHA Ports)


ALPHA Ports is the organizer of one of the largest trade, trasport and energy summit in Africa. It offers project investment opportunities for its members. Below is a brief introduction of the ATTES (Africa's Largest Trade, Transport & Energy Summit) organized by ALPHA Ports. 

Exhibitions zoning in on €200 million worth of investment opportunities


This special conference is designed to change attitudes and point the way forward to success in the years ahead, working side-by-side on the ground with acknowledged experts — people who know their business and are fully tuned into the enormous challenges of this vital continent … people that can help you to discover a bright future as you contribute to Africa’s economic development and the development of the continent’s infrastructural potential. This is your chance to transform your knowledge of a vast continent that is proving to be a voice of the future in terms of global business influence and opportunity.

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