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Development Reimagined Co.,Ltd.


Development Reimagined Co.,Ltd. is a  consultancy company which has a team of development, diplomacy, environmental and public relations leaders. It has a mission to deliver sustainable development and poverty reduction in a dynamic and comples world.

Its clients include govenments, civil society organizations and business small and large. The projects it delivers every day range from designing or evaluating aid projects, to creating infographics and videos on Brazil’s approach to development, to writing annual reports for a new green fund, or facilitating meetings between Chinese investors and African start-up businesses. It expertise that covers the full spectrum of sustainable development and poverty reduction.

Thematic areas of expertise include, but not limited to

- International Development projects and programmes

- Foreign Aid Trends

- Trade statistics and trends

- South-South Cooperation

- Development Effectiveness

- Migration statistics and trends

- China's Economic and Poverty Reduction experienceIndustrialisation

- International relations analysis

- Green Growth, Climate Change Planning, Climate Finance, Renewable Energy Markets

- African Development and Current Markets

- Private sector development

- Agricultural Markets and Strategy

- Finance and investment

- Sustainable cities, transport and urbanisation

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