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Home Comforts Ltd.


Home Comforts Tea, an award winning brand, was created in 2012 in Kenya to take advantage of the immense opportunities to package and add value to tea and tea related products for the fast expanding natural food and health conscious consumer sector in Africa and internationally, who are increasingly aware of the numerous health benefits and uses of tea.
It purchases fresh tea from factories and from the auction, then blends and packages the tea under the Home Comforts Tea registered brand name for sale locally.
Its existing branded tea products are packed in tea bags and loose tea form and are then sold locally through its established and growing network of distributors and retail outlets.
It also exports bulk tea in containers to clients in China, Egypt, Pakistan, and the USA.
Home Comforts Ltd currently undertakes the following activities:
1. Local Tea Packaging – the sale of Home Comforts Tea branded tea packages comprising sachets, loose tea pouches and tea bags.
2. Exports - of bulk tea in sacks loaded into containers and shipped to clients overseas.
3. Contract Packing - of tea packages under private label for other local tea packers, brand owners, including institutions and international and regional tea traders.

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