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2004, Mr. Kofi Annan, UN former Sectary-General, proposed to establish CABC. 2005, Phase 1 of UNDP project was launched. 2006, CABC was incorporated under Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.C. 2009, Phase 2 of UNDP project was launched. 2012, The 2nd Board of Directors of CABC was elected.

2013, Five service platforms were built.


2014, CABC held numerous China-Africa economic exchange programs in China.


2015, CABC delegation attended the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit.


2017, CABC obtained the Special Consultative Status in ECOSOC and General Observer Status in UNCTAD.

2021, the “representative office in Nigeria of CABC” was inaugurated in Lagos, which was the first overseas representative office of the council.

2022, CABC  held the 4th General Meeting.

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