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Board of directors


Wang Licheng

Chairman of the Board of Holley Group

Chief Supervisor & Honorary Chairman

Zheng Yuewen

Chairman of the Board of Creat Group


Zhang Huarong

Chairman of Huajian Group

Yang Baohua

Chairman of China-Africa Development Fund


Su Yuehua

General Manager of Gansu Construction Investment (Holding) Group Company

Wang Li

Director of Deheng Law Offices

Ruan Xiaoming

Chairman of Gemsy Five Continents Group

Liu Daiwen

Chairman of China Hyway Group

Hu Lijian

Chairman of Zhongding International Construction Group

Zhang Youlai

Chairman of Tangshan Shuguang Dasheng Cement Co., Ltd.

Chen Lin

Chairman of the Nine Group Limited

Zheng Gang

Chairman of China Hasan International Holdings Co. Ltd

Wang Jiandong

Chairman of Jinan Steel Group Co., Ltd

Wang Xianmao

Chairman of Qingjian International Group Co., Ltd

Wang Guidong

Chairman of Hebei Donghua Enterprise Group Co., Ltd

Wang Xiaoyong

Vice Chairman of CABC

Dai Quanhe

Vice President of Henan Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

Sun Hongyu

Chairman of Beijing Huayuan Security Guard Service Co., Ltd

Sun Zhiqiang

Chairman of Hengtong Tech Group

Liu Aisen

Chairman of Center International Group

Li Xiaopeng

General Manager of DeWe Holding Group

Shen Shaoping

General Manager of Chilwee Group Co. Ltd

Xiao Wei

Chairman of Futong Group Co., Ltd

Chen Xiuxia

Chairman of Guangdong Choice International Group

Chen Song

Chairman of Qingdao Yewhing Group Co., Ltd

Chen Shengde

Chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group Co., Ltd

Zheng Haosheng

Chairman of Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Co. Ltd

Gong Wu

Chairman of Guangdong Chinestar Steel Structure Co., Ltd

Yu Wenpin

Chairman of Xingle Group Co., Ltd

Wu Yanming

President of Wynca Group

Wang Zhibang

Chairman of Anhui Biochem United Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Wei Gang

Vice General-Manager of Zhejiang China Commodities City Group

Wu Guofei

President of Guangzhou Inter-Africa Express Co., Ltd.

Huang Yun

Chairman of Zhejiang Anbang Save-Guard Security Service Co., Ltd.

Ding Jianlin

Chairman of Zhejiang Financial Assets Exchange
Honorary Vice-Chairman

Chi Jianxin

Loan Review Commissioner of China Development Bank

Hu Jieguo

Chairman of the West Africa Golden Gate Group

Zhang Chunlai

Chairman of Tangshan Shuguang Industrial Group

Ma Zhida

Director of Macao Chamber of Commerce

Wang Xiaoyong

Secretary-General of CABC
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