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Sunshine Industrial (Zhongsheng Group)


Established in September 2004, Zhongsheng Group is a private enterprise with the transnational operation and cross-industry investment, with a registered capital of 638 million yuan and total assets at home and abroad exceeding 3 billion yuan. The actual controller is Wu Hongxin. The Group's headquarters are located in Zhongsheng Building, 277 Internet of Things Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, which has its own property. The Group has strong capital strength, and its main businesses include equity and real estate investment, international trade, ocean shipping, financial software, mining development, new energy vehicles, and other fields. 

Zhongsheng originated in Africa, successfully operated in Africa for nearly 30 years, and engaged in trade and investment in more than 20 African countries. At present, the enterprise in Angola is CHINANGOL.LDA, which is one of the largest Chinese-funded private companies in Angola. It has rich operation, investment experience and project performance on the African continent, specializing in the import and export sales of building materials, mechanical equipment and vehicles, ocean transportation, real estate development and construction, mining investment and development, etc. The Group was once a well-known cement importer in Angola and the largest carrier of dry bulk cargo on the China-Southwest Africa route; In Luanda, the capital of Angola, Luanda's most upscale hardcover villas and hardcover high-rise apartments have been developed and built, with 20,000 square meters of warehouses, more than 10,000 square meters of car 4S storefronts and staff living quarters.

The Group has carried out exploration and development of blocks including onshore oil, metallic and nonmetallic minerals in Angola, At present, it has obtained the mining right of a large niobium mine (strategic metal) and has established a joint venture company NIOBOGA LTD with Angola Iron Mine Company (on behalf of the Angolan government). The development has been officially started and is expected to become the world's leading niobium supplier and an important strategic resource controlled by our country upon completion. Other projects such as diamond mining area (3000 square kilometers of exploration rights have been obtained).  It is the general agent of Chery Jietu, Great Wall, National Heavy Duty Truck, Sinopec Lubricating Oil and Sany Heavy Industry in Angola.  

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