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China Dreal Group


China Dreal International Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Dreal Group"), was registered in Hong Kong, of which the main business areas involve real estate development, mineral resources investment and development, international trade and logistics, financial investment, international project contracting, etc. In addition to mainland China, Africa is also the main target of investment and development by China Dreal Group.

China Dreal Group develops its global business mainly through the following wholly owned or holding companies:

Mar Grandioso Real-Estate and Construction Corporation, Angola, is one of the largest development companies of real estate in Angola and in the whole western African area. Rose Garden project and Austin project developed by it is a comprehensive commercial real estate project in Angola with the most influence, the largest scale and the highest level. Rose Garden, with an expected total investment of 1.7 billion US dollars, covers a total area of 156 hectares and a proposed area of 1.1 million square meters which will be built more than 7000 sets of housing. The current space under construction and floor space completed is more than 250000 square meters. Austin Garden covers a total area of 42 hectares and the proposed area of 230000 square meters is to build about 2000 sets of houses with an expected total investment of 300 million US dollars. At present, the total space under construction and floor space completed cover nearly 80000 square meters.

Mar Grandioso Real-Estate and Construction Corporation, Guinea, formally launch its comprehensive commercial/residential project which will be developed and constructed by it in Conakry, capital of Guinea, in the first half of 2013. The project which is the first modern real estate development and construction project in Guinea has attracted much attention and concern from the government and the society of Guinea. The total used area will be about 15 hectares (600 acres), of which the overall floorage will be 725190 square meters, including single-family villas, double-family villas, multi-layer and high-rise apartments, office buildings, five-star hotels, shopping centers, a school and a hospital. 

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