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China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd.


China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CPIC” or “the Company”) is an insurance group basically constituted by China Pacific Insurance Company, a company established on 13 May 1991. The head office of CPIC is located in Shanghai. As a leading integrated insurance group, CPIC is listed in the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

With the goal of building “a top-notch insurance financial service group by your side”, CPIC persists in the pursuit of sustainable value growth, focuses on the core business of insurance and presses ahead with the customer-oriented initiatives. The Company continues to expand its insurance business scope in its efforts to acquire full licenses; its subsidiaries include Life Company, P&C Company, Asset Management Company, Online Service Company, Pension Insurance Company, Health Insurance Company, and Agriculture Insurance Company etc. Through nationwide marketing network and diversified service platform, CPIC provides a broad range of risk protection solutions, investment and wealth management and asset management services.

In 2015, CPIC recorded an operating revenue note 1 of 247.202 billion RMB, of which GWPs amounted to 203.305 billion RMB. Net profit note 2 reached 17.728 billion RMB. As of the end of 2015, its total asset amounted to 923.843 billion RMB while net asset note 2 totaled 133.336 billion RMB. As of the end of 2015, CPIC has 94.356 million customers, nearly 100,000 employees, and 600,000 agents across the country. CPIC has been listed on Fortune Global 500 for five consecutive years, and in 2015 CPIC ranked 328th. The world’s leading brand consultancy Interbrand issued 2015 Best Chinese Brand Value Rank List and the brand value of CPIC reached 24.139 billion RMB, making CPIC one of the top three in the industry. 

To push ahead its strategic transformation, which is the “customer-oriented initiative”, CPIC focuses on three goals, target problems and ensure the implementation of transformation results. To focus on customer needs, CPIC achieved accurate sales and fine service. To upgrade customer interface, CPIC actively used new technology to ensure that the mid and back end support the front end. To improve customer experience, CPIC promoted product innovation, provided high quality, convenient insurance services to customers, and has been widely recognized.

CPIC is in strict compliance with laws and regulations and all requirements promulgated by regulatory authorities and continues to improve the corporate governance structure based on situation of the Company. The Company has made continuous efforts to improve its governance structure and established a relatively sound corporate governance system with appropriate checks and balances by streamlining its group management structure, consolidating its internal resources and strengthening the research on and responsiveness towards the capital market. The Board of Directors endeavors to improve the corporate governance structure and system of the Company in order to establish a relatively sound corporate governance system. By implementing various systems and specific measures, the Company has enhanced the communication between the Board of Directors and the management, facilitated the due diligence of directors and supervisors and kept them abreast of the information of the Company.

CPIC adheres to its mission “to be a responsible insurance company” and its core corporate values of “Integrity, Prudence and Excellence”. As a responsible insurance company, in addition to putting its efforts in achieving its sustainable growth, CPIC also strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. It promotes and realizes its objective of sustainable value-enhancing growth in order to create values for customers, shareholders, employees, industry, society and environment and contribute to the harmony of the society. CPIC received widespread praise and has been awarded “Excellent Corporate” in Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Rank List for six consecutive years.

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