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HUAXINZHONGAN was founded on August 5, 2004 by Mr. Weihong Yin, an ex-army officer with extensive military and commercial experience. The company's maritime security service is specially tailored to meet our clients’ needs offshore and on the oceans. Our security officers are of the right quality to legally, safely and effectively guard commercial shipping on the high seas. Every day uniformed HXZA security officers, armed or unarmed, perform a variety of duties on board vessels transiting through the high-risk areas of the oceans. Many of them are ex-marine corps officers, ex-army officers or ex-armed police officers with actual crisis-management experience. Each of those officers is thoroughly and extensively trained to help protect the lives and assets of the captains and their crews. They are on duty 24/7 on board vessels. Our Command and Control Center in Beijing is run 24/7 by trained duty officers in order for management and supervisors to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that may occur.

HUAXINZHONGAN spares no effort in learning from our counterparts in other countries and regions. Increased bilateral and multilateral exchanges have been conducted in recent years as HUAXINZHONGAN expands its business overseas.

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