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DeWe Holding Group Co., Ltd.


DeWe Holding Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. Its headquarters is located in Beijing Airport Economic Core Zone. It has been the member of China public diplomacy association and the vice president unit of China-Africa Business Council.

DeWe Holding Group Co., Ltd. developed a wide range of businesses with following the pace of national strategy of ‘going global’ and ‘Belt and Road’ and keeping on the mission of ‘Service to National Development Strategy, overseas Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese’, which includes trade, investment, consultation, science and technology, engineering, culture, education, catering industry, real estate, property industries etc., and it has over 50 wholly-owned/holding/joint stock enterprises in China and other countries.

The internationalization strategic layout of DeWe Holding Group Co., Ltd. has taken sharp. At present, its subsidiaries and branch offices has been established in Pakistan, Guinea, Kenya, Ethiopia, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Iraq, Argentina, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau etc., which has over 3000 local foreign employees. Its agency has been founded in America, Canada, UK, Australia and Dubai.  


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