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Lu'An Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd.


Lu'an Steel Holding Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Lu'an Steel Group) is located in Huoqiu Economic Development Zone, Lu'an City, Anhui Province. Lu'an Steel Group the area is rich in iron ore resources, ranked fifth in the country, first in East China, group owns more than 300 million tons of iron ore resources; Adjacent to the Fulu Railway and Jiguang Expressway with convenient transportation; Adjacent to the Changjiang River and the Huaihe River, surrounded by Liushan Reservoir and Longtan Reservoir, with abundant surface water sources; Nearby Lu'an, Huainan Power Plant and supporting substations provide abundant power supply; More than 50 kilometers away from Huainan, Huaibei, and Fuyang coal mines, rich in fuel materials; The project belongs to the revolutionary old district of northwest, In the 200-kilometre area, there is no large-scale steel company with a capacity of 10 million tons, near the Central Plains region, It belongs to a region with rapid economic development and a broad product market.

Product flow includes: Mining, sintering, pellets, coking, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel rolling and main process and supporting power supply and distribution and other auxiliary facilities; Perfect logistics chain, The main flow follows a compact, continuous "one-line" layout, with intensive land resources, efficient logistics, cost aggregating advantages; Industrial auxiliary system is complete, efficient operation, convenient management; To achieve zero discharge of solid waste and sewage according to the ultra-low emission standards of the national steel industry; Adopting international and domestic advanced and mature technological equipment and three-level networked intelligent control group, with high production efficiency and high energy efficiency, all energy consumption indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.

The product positioning of Lu'an Steel Group is mainly to meet the needs of infrastructure construction, urbanization, machinery, automobiles, and household appliance industries in Anhui Province and neighboring provinces, The main products are bars, wire rods and hot rolled coils. After completion, it can form an annual industrial output value of nearly 40 billion yuan, and at the same time stimulate the economic growth of related industries by nearly 120 billion yuan, which will help increase national and local fiscal revenues, to promote the social and economic development of the old revolutionary base areas, lead the people of Lu'an into a new era, and realize the great rejuvenation of the "Chinese dream."

Lu'an Steel Group will use a high-quality steel production platform, efforts to build a First-class products, first-class technology, first-class management, first-class environment, first-class benefits, with advanced domestic level of high-strength high-quality rod wire and plate production base. Lu'an Steel Group will be built into a modern steel city that is green, energy-saving, intelligent networked, and garden-style high-end steel.

From Wu'an to Lu'an, from the Taihang Mountains to the Dabie Mountains, achieve a historic leap.

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