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Donate to us

6.7 RMB ≈ US$ 1

1 day’s vitamin for 1 pregnant woman living with HIV

67 RMB ≈ US$ 10

1 day’s treatment for 1 pregnant woman living with HIV

670 RMB ≈ US$ 100

1 PMTCT treatment for 1 HIV-positive pregnant woman

= A healthy new life

67 Families & Friends

Join us for the public service and social benefit


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Donate via Bank Transfer

Beneficiary Bank: China Minsheng Banking Co., Ltd.


Beneficiary Name: China Social Assistance Foundation

Beneficiary Address: 101-1 Building D, B23, Universal

Business Park, No. 10 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang

District Beijing China

Account Number: 0142 1442 1000 0023

Reference: Please indicate “the donation is for ILDA Fund”. If you want to donate specifically for a program in a country, please also indicate clearly.

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