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Sino-Africa Cooperation-Corporate Social Responsibility Guide

The‘Sino-Africa Cooperation-Corporate Social Responsibility Guide’aims to promote Chinese and African enterprises to better fulfil their social responsibilities and achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals through the analysis of best practices for corporate social responsibility at home and across the African continent.

Report on Chinese Investment in Africa

"Market Power and Role of the Private Sector: Report on Chinese Investment in Africa", released by the China-Africa Business Council, said that Chinese private enterprises have advanced industrialization, developed infrastructure, promoted employment and improved people's livelihoods in African countries with growing investment in the continent over the past decades.

The Potential for Chinese Investment in Senegal's Waste Sector

This report is intended to provide on-the-ground information to support to understand Senegal’s waste sector as part of investment preparation.

Accessibility of Financial Services and the Private Sector in Africa

This report is written for anyone interested in African financial development, and in China’s changing role in Africa’s development. CABC hopes this report can provide an overview for Chinese and other stakeholders new to Africa’s financial systems and provide new ideas for win-win, private sector driven cooperation on development.

interview with H.E. Amb. Kumba Monday, South Sudanese Embassy to China

We had a face-to-face interview with H.E. Amb. Monday Semaya.K. Kumba, the Deputy Head of Mission of Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan on Aug. 17, 2020. He briefed several items regarding South Sudan’s independence process, relations and cooperation with China, the prospects of investing in South Sudan, etc.

Interview with H.E. Teshome Toga Chanaka, the Ambassador of Ethiopia to China

H.E. Teshome Toga Chanaka, the Ethiopian Ambassador to China highlights the global unity and sharing in handling with COVID 19 pandemics and gave credit to the public's trust in governments.

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CABC Newsletter_7th issue

issued in May 2020

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issued in Feb. 2020

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issued in January 2020

China-Africa Corporate Social Responsibility: A macroeconomic approach

The days of playing the blame game are past; accountability and measurability are the order of this era. Governing bodies and investors alike are to align efforts with leading companies in certain developed regions or sectors to set standards and shape the development landscape through legislation, peer collaborations and media influence.

China-Africa Trade: An aerial view

The 2018 Statistics on China-Africa Trade have been published by Ministry of Commerce of the Peoples Republic of China and they show a holistic positive picture that China’s trade volume with Africa is on a steady rise.

BUSINESS NEWS (2019.09.17)

The 714-kilometer 225 kV Guinea-Mali transmission interconnection project (PIEGM), costing $417 million, will be open for public bidding soon...

Finding Africa's Path (2020.4)

Finding Africa's Path-2020.4 (McKinsey) Shaping bold solutions to save lives and livelihoods through the crisis

AU report (2020.4)

Impact of the Coronavirus (COVID 19) on the African Economy

Tackling COVID-19 in Africa (2020.4)

An unfolding health and economic crisis that demands bold action

Companies must move supply chains further from China

Virus shows Southeast Asian factories too dependent on imported production inputs

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