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Plan for China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development

Talent is the primary resource underpinning efforts to promote economic and social development, and improve comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness. The key to development and rejuvenation of China and Africa lies in turning the huge population into abundant human resources as a way to drive modernization, and ensuring that development is for the people and by the people and that its fruits are shared by the people. Talent is the future. Cooperation on talent development between China and Africa should be oriented toward modernizing governance capacity, promoting economic and social development, enhancing efficiency through scientific and technological innovation, and improving people’s well-being. Cooperation on capacity building in technology transfer, education and training should be strengthened in support of the realization of goals such as human capital development set out in the First Ten-Year Implementation Plan of the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

1. Cultivating talent for governance modernization

1.1 China supports African countries in independently pursuing a development path suited to their national conditions, and is ready to share all its experience in pursuing Chinese modernization and deepen experience sharing on national governance, development and poverty alleviation.

1.2 China is ready to help modernize the capacity for governance of government officials of African countries, and cultivate public affairs management personnel through various forms such as technical assistance, specialized training, forums and meetings, and policy seminars.

1.3 Both sides will continue supporting each other in important international organization elections. China firmly supports outstanding individuals from Africa in serving as heads of international organizations and institutions, and supports African countries in fully participating in global governance. 

2. Cultivating talent for economic and social development

2.1 China will continue working with African countries to set up Luban Workshops, and implement the Future of Africa China-Africa Vocational Education Cooperation Plan to provide training opportunities for 500 principals and backbone teachers of vocational colleges in Africa every year.

2.2 China encourages Chinese enterprises in Africa to level up localization and hire more local Africans throughout project implementation.

2.3 China will continue advancing the plan for cultivating young African pioneers in agricultural scientific research, support Africa in training local leaders of rural development, and strengthen cooperation in areas such as sustainable agriculture, water-saving irrigation, food loss reduction, climate response in agriculture, and disaster prevention and relief.

3.Cultivating talent for education and innovation

3.1 China supports enhancing the education level of all Africans, women, children and youth in particular, and will continue providing quality education for Africans through various scholarships and training programs.

3.2 On the basis of implementing the China-Africa University 20+20 Cooperation Plan, China will upgrade and implement China-Africa University 100 Cooperation Plan.

3.3 China will continue working with Africa to run Confucius Institutes and Classrooms, and train 1,000 local Chinese language teachers annually through joint establishment of Chinese language majors and provision of international Chinese language teacher scholarships, and train 10,000 local interdisciplinary talent through Chinese language and vocational skills training.

3.4 China is ready to implement the Belt and Road Teachers Growth Plan to support the building of teacher teams in African countries, continue promoting the China-Africa Think Tank 10+10 Partnership Plan, and launch 10 pilot exchange programs of China-Africa partner institutes.

3.5 China is ready to share its experience in promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises that use special and sophisticated technologies to produce novel and unique products, hold the 2nd China-Africa Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and carry out the Work Plan for African Young Scientists in China to support 300 young African scientists in coming to China in the next three years.

4.Cultivating talent for the improvement of people’s livelihoods and well-being

4.1 China is ready to speed up the implementation of medical and health assistance projects for African countries, support the sustainable development of the Africa CDC headquarters, help African countries improve medical and health services, cultivate more health professionals for Africa, and carry out all-round academic and technical exchanges and cooperation in medical teaching and research.

4.2 China will make good use of the Belt and Road Demonstration and Training Platform on Health Cooperation to share its best practices and appropriate technologies in such areas as maternal and infant health, public health, and hospital management, provide mobile and free medical services for the treatment of cataract and heart disease, give full play to the role of Chinese medical teams and public health experts, and share clinical technologies and treatment experience with the African side.

4.3 China will implement the China-Africa Culture and Tourism Training Cooperation Plan, continue advancing human resources training for Africa, further share information and experience regarding tourism development, and assist Africa in strengthening capacity building for tourism.

4.4 China will implement training and capacity building programs for African media workers, help African countries train high-caliber professionals in news, radio, television and tourism, and support capacity building of radio and television media in Africa.

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