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Initiative on Supporting Africa’s Industrialization

1.We believe that green, coordinated and sustainable industrialization is an important pathway toward economic development and poverty reduction and a key driving force for countries to achieve modernization and sustainable development. Uncertainties in global economic development are now on the rise, and the industrialization process is uneven across the various regions and countries.

2.We believe that Africa, with rich natural resources, enormous demographic dividend, and continued progress and important breakthroughs in its integration, boasts great potential for industrialization. All parties should increase input to turn Africa’s resources and potential into productivity, support Africa in fostering its own growth drivers, and realize the aspirations of the African people for a better life.

3.We applaud the active efforts by African countries and the African Union (AU) to advance industrialization in Africa and highly commend the commitments to inclusive and sustainable industrialization and economic diversification made at the 17th extraordinary session of the assembly of the AU on industrialization and economic diversification.

4.We underscore the need for all parties to uphold the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind and support Africa in advancing industrialization in a green, coordinated and sustainable way, promoting economic recovery and growth, creating employment, improving people’s well-being, and eradicating poverty with a view to realizing the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the AU’s Agenda 2063, advancing the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution, achieving development and revitalization, and building a world of common prosperity.

5.We call on the international community to support the Action Plan for the Accelerated Industrial Development of Africa, the G20 Initiative on Supporting Industrialization in Africa and the Least Developed Countries,  the Industrial Development Decade for Africa III, enhance synergy of existing cooperation mechanisms on the basis of respecting the will of African countries so as to pool strong support for Africa’s industrialization. The Chinese side is ready to prioritize areas of industrialization in implementing such measures as investing USD 10 billion in Africa and providing credit facilities of USD 10 billion in support of small and medium-sized enterprises while delivering the nine programs of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) and other relevant action plans. 

6.We support African countries in formulating industrialization development plans and policies compatible with their national conditions and in line with their respective development strategies, thus promoting inclusive, predictable and sustainable economic growth and restructuring. The Chinese side is ready to enhance the complementarity between Chinese and African industrial cooperation strategies and plans through Belt and Road cooperation and the Global Development Initiative.

7.We support Africa in developing the manufacturing industry, creating “Made in Africa” local brands, encouraging the development of micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), maximizing its advantages in natural and human resources, and moving up the global value chain. The Chinese side encourages Chinese and African enterprises to build a community of common interests, coordinate and cooperate on industrial and supply chains, and explore the establishment of dialogue mechanisms between their MSMEs.

8.We support Africa in accelerating the development of the digital industry, bridging the digital gap, enhancing the accessibility of digital technologies, and seizing the development opportunities brought by the digital economy. The Chinese side is ready to implement the 10 assistance projects on digital economy under FOCAC’s nine programs, and work with Africa to build a digital Silk Road.

9.We take note that accessible and affordable electricity supply is required for Africa’s industrialization, and encourage cooperation with African countries on power generation from renewable energy. The Chinese side will leverage its strengths in areas including solar and wind energy, and continue to support and participate in the development and facility-building of renewable energies in Africa. 

10.We take note of the unique role that Special Economic Zones, industrial parks, free trade zones play in Africa’s industrialization. The Chinese side will work with African countries to build regional central demonstration parks with distinctive features, well-known products and policy support based on the various cooperation parks in Africa, so as to boost the interconnected development of the regional economy.

11.We are ready to, under WTO rules, further improve trade facilitation measures for Africa, move faster to harmonize standards in various fields, and expand imports of high-quality manufactured goods from Africa. The Chinese side is ready to promote African products on platforms including the China International Import Expo and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo, and invite African countries to attend the expos and provide relevant support.

12.We call for the improvement of Africa’s business and investment environment to attract more private sector investment from around the globe, especially in infrastructure. We encourage investment formats such as BOT and PPP, and support the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa put forward by the AU so as to create better conditions for industrialization in Africa.

13.We are ready to step up knowledge sharing and technology transfer, support Africa in cultivating talent for industrialization, strengthen cooperation on vocational education and training, especially capacity-building training for youth and women, promote gender equality, and encourage entrepreneurship among youth and women,, and encourage the BRICS Partnership on New Industrial Revolution Innovation Center to provide support for talent cultivation in Africa. 

14.We call for accelerating the reform of the global financial system and providing financial support for Africa’s industrialization. We support Africa in promoting the Pan-African Payment and Settlement System, and encourage the use of local currencies in trade with African countries.

15.This initiative welcomes the participation of all countries and international and regional organizations on a voluntary basis to jointly support green, coordinated and sustainable industrialization in Africa at an early date. 

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