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Action Makes Vision Reality

On July 27th, the UNAIDS and China-Africa Business Council Meeting launched at StarTimes Beijing headquarters. Mr. Michel Sidibé, Under Secretary-General of the United Nations and UNAIDS Executive Director, led 11 UNAIDS delegates and guests including Mr. Steve Kraus, Director of the UNAIDS Regional Support Team for Asia and Pacific and Ms. Catherine Sozi, UNAIDS Country Director and Representative to China. Ms. Wang Li, Vice-chairman of China-Africa Business Council and Director of Deheng Law Offices; Mr. Pang Xinxing, Chairman of StarTimes Group; Ms. Guo Ziqi, Vice-president of StarTimes Group; Mr. Wang Xiaoyong, Secretary-General of China-Africa Business Council; and Mr. Hu Guanghua, Secretary-General of China Social Assistance Foundation attended the meeting. UNAIDS guests and Chinese representatives discussed ways of further deepening China-Africa cooperation in preventing and fighting against HIV/AIDS, promoting the localization of pharmaceutical production in Africa and driving the Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund’s (ILDA) aid to Africa.

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