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Visit to the Embassy: on sericulture project idea by Suzhou Orient Investment Company

On June 4th, upon the request of Suzhou Orient Investment Co. Ltd, CABC was able to pitch their investment project idea on sericulture to the Ambassador of the Republic of Kenya, Mr. Michael D.M. Kinyanjui. The meeting based on the silk market, farmers to rear silkworms, procedures for a project and so on.  

The Ambassador said that Africa countries such as Kenya might provide a better environment for sericulture industry. Mr. John Sheng, the Chairman of Dongfang Printing and Dyeing Company (Ethiopia) subordinated by Suzhou Orient Investment company put that, a long time of growing mulberries makes the fact that such project needs at least 3 years to be in large-scale operation, but they have confidence to move on, because of Kenya's environment and also their professional skills in silkworm rearing.

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