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Visit to the Embassy: on energy project idea of Henan Senyuan

From June 4th to June 8th, upon the request of people from Henan Senyuan Group Co., Ltd, CABC was able to pitch their energy project idea to three African Embassies. They talked about power equipment, station and especially the green-power electric generator. 


Visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe on June 4th. The Minister Counselor Dr. Mavis Sibanda (the second from left) and the Minister Counselor Mark Kachinga (the first from right)met with people from Senyuan Group.

Visit the Ambassador Charles E. Namondwe (in the very middle) of  the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi on June 5th. 

Visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Cot d'Ivoire on June 8th. The Ambassador Dosso Adama (in the middle) and the Counselor Kouadio Kouame Severin met with Mr. Wang Bo from Senyuan Group.

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