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"The 3rd Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation" Held in Beijing

This year, in September, China and Africa will hold the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation. Leaders of both sides will once again gather in Beijing to discuss plans for friendly cooperation between China and Africa, plan a blueprint for China Africa cooperation in the new era, and issue major initiatives to lead China-Africa cooperation and development.

April 8th saw “the 3rd Forum on China-Africa Local Government Cooperation” held in Beijing by the Chinese people's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Chinese-African People’s Friendship Association. More than 400 hundred delegates from Chinese and African governments, institutions and companies attended the event. 

As a Sub-Forum under the framework of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, this event has great significance to implement China-Africa “Top Ten Cooperation Programs” with local cooperation to promote China-Africa comprehensive cooperation and deepen China-Africa comprehensive and strategic cooperative partnership, to jointly explore ways for developing countries to emerge from poverty and achieve sustainable development, and to coordinate the consensus of China-Africa cooperation in building the “Belt and Road” initiative and understanding the community of common destiny for all mankind. 

His Excellency Vice-President of People’s Republic of China, Mr. Wang Qishan, Prime Minister of Niger Mr. M. Brigi Rafini and former Prime Minister of Tanzania Mr. Salim Ahmed Salim delivered keynote speeches at the ceremony.

In the afternoon, China Africa Business Council co-hosted the sub-forum themed “Cooperation for Production Capacity Enhancement Pushes forward Joint Development of China and Africa”. 

50 representatives of CABC’s member units participated in the forum. Along with Mr. Wang Yong, the Vice Chairman of CAD Fund, 5 Vice Chairmen of CABC joined in the discussions and speeches in the sub-forum, namely, Ms. Wang Li, Director of Deheng Law Offices, Mr. Hu Lijian, Chairman of Zhongding International Construction Group, Mr. Zheng Haosheng Chairman of Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Shengde, Chairman of Zhongyang Construction Group, Mr. Wang Zhibang, Chairman of Anhui Biochem Pharmaceuticals. 

According to Mr. Wang Yong, as there’s much limitation in African countries’ national debts ability, the best way towards self-development would be absorbing Foreign Direct Investment. The next step of CAD Fund would be:

                    1.Support infrastructure projects and promote China’s equipment manufacturing to go to Africa.

                    2.Increase investments in trade and logistics, to get high value-added sectors to go to Africa.

                    3.Support housing project so as to promote the enterprises of building materials to invest in Africa.

                    4.Support agricultural enterprises to invest in Africa, especially the deep processing enterprises.

In Ms. Wang Li’s speech, she talked about CABC’s achievements in promoting cooperation between China and Africa in fields of industrialization, agricultural modernization, construction of infrastructure, finance, trade and investment facilitation and so on.

Mr. Hu Lijian joined in the discussion on industrial parks and infrastructure construction. He pointed out that the continuity and stability of local governmental policies are really vital to companies survival and development.

Mr. Zheng Haosheng briefly introduced the development history of Inner Mongolia King Deer Cashmere Co., Ltd. In particular, he talked about the company operation in Madagascar, and the future investment of another 200 million dollars in Madagascar. King Deer is casting its version on Rooftop Photovoltaic Generating Electricity System, and technology and equipment upgrading.

Mr. Chen Shengde put that the friendship between China and Africa should be emphasized on more and China’s experience could be kind of contrast for Africa.

Mr. Wang Zhibang stated that efforts would be made to make Africa more on its own specially in the pharmaceutical industry and the health systems. Establish an Au standard, make a standardized testing center, and enable qualified medicines to benefit African people. Biochem will build a pharmaceutical factory in South Africa and West Africa respectively, to produce drugs for HAART, tuberculosis and hepatitis B, the three major infectious diseases in Africa.  

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