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“Belt & Road” International Officials Visited GCIGC

2018 CABC “Belt & Road” International Officials to China Phase Ⅲ – Visit to Gansu Construction & Investment Group

On April 12th, GCIGC warmly received the investigation delegation of “Belt and Road” international officials. The general manager of GCIGC and Vice Chairman of CABC, Su Yuehua welcomed the delegation and made an introduction on GCIGC’s overall management and overseas operations. As he put it, GCIGC has a history of 40 years on overseas business, thus boasting of obvious advantages in carrying out projects in foreign countries. GCIGC has been casting a focus on China-Africa friendship as the guidance to get long-lasted cooperation, which brings it rather good international prestige.

In recent years, GCIGC has been as an active role in practicing “Belt and Road” initiative. GCIGC exploits foreign market in a multileveled way and seeks partnership to make a better contribution to African economic construction and social development, and more importantly, to strengthen the friendship between. Particularly, GCIGC hopes to get more information on the construction of the Equatorial Guinea Free Trade Zone and the preferential policies; and the official from the Ministry of foreign affairs of Equatorial Guinea expressed her welcome to GCIGC. More to be expected.

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