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"Financing Seminar on Belt and Road - Africa Infrastructure Projects" Held in Beijing

On January 19th, Beijing Conference Center witnessed "Financing Seminar on Belt and Road - Africa Infrastructure Projects" held by CABC. This conference was conducted by Deputy Secretary General Bai Xiaofeng, and the Vice-Chairman Yu Wenpin was present at this event. In 6 hours of meeting, 12 guests had given speeches. 

After the general election, President Wang Licheng presented new requirements to CABC’s workto promote pragmatically the cooperation in Africa among member units in the next five years. Therefore, on classifying member units according to sectors and business needs, CABC held the seminar. 

Guest speakers of the seminar were from Sinosure, EIBC, as well as vice chairman units such as CNQC, GCIGC, Xingle Group, Center Int. etc. They brought about many valuable policies, cases and experiences on financing of overseas infrastructure construction projects. The seminar was of much efficiency, offering practical suggestions on projects financing, implementing and management for private enterprises. The host appealed for Chinese enterprises to chase development in cluster to reach farther. Present at the meeting were also more than 20 member units and partners such as Deheng Law Office, ZIEC, Nine Group, Jinan Steel Group, King Deer, Lux Wood, Hua Yuan Wei Shi, which were from infrastructure, energy and power, manufacturing, services and other fields.


Wang Guohua from Nanchang Operation Office of Sinosure said that as the only policy-based insurance company and the largest EPC agency, Sinosure was able to exploit the market and prevent risks for enterprises by getting practical issues settled, such as the export buyer’s credit, premium payment, project evaluation etc., pragmatically supporting private enterprises to go abroad. 

Lin Ming from Zhejiang Branch of China Ex-imBank noted that Ex-imBank relies on national credit, plays its role in policy finance and focus supports on opening up and going out. It has a special credit quota, which was mainly used for the infrastructure construction, industrial capacity and financial cooperation upon the Belt One Road initiative, and it also launched new products combining investment and loans. There are three stages of enterprises’ projects going out--getting, implementing and being sustainable. 

Liu Zhenlong from CNQC put that their projects cover a full range of infrastructure facilities, including airport, roads, bridges, water conservancy, housing, and hotel. CNQC went through four stages in the practice of going out: borrowing ships to go abroad, undertaking projects, building ships in its own and going global in huddles. The overseas financing methods include export supplier’s credit, export buyer’s credit, two preferential loan, and project financing. 

Wu Xiangzu from GCIGC said that they take advantages of platform of the Central Enterprise to go out, and extended in the upstream and downstream industrial chains of construction and installation. In the overseas project management, we should build the mechanism of project-manager, improve qualification, accumulate experience, establish good government relationship, enhance risk awareness, set up brand awareness, diversify business operation, and go global in clusters. 

In the year of 2018, when China Africa Cooperation Forum is to take place, CABC will continue to launch a series of qualified seminars and effectively integrate resources upon the Belt and Road Initiative and in Africa, and endeavor forward along with its members units!

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