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Trip for Commonweal in Ethiopia and Malawi Complished Successfully

From January 28th to February 4th, the delegation of CABC was invited to attend AU Summit·20th Ordinary General Assembly of OAFLA ongoing in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia and handed over the donated music classroom equipment and had a donation ceremony in Malawi. During the visits to the two countries, the delegation participated in 8 major activities, including meetings, visits and donation ceremony.  

1. Attendance at African Union Summit·20th Ordinary General Assembly of OAFLA

On January 29th, the 20th Ordinary General Assembly of OAFLA was held at AU headquater. Present at the assembly were the First Ladies of 16 countries in Africa, the delegations of the First Ladies of 20 countries, and (regional) officials of 6 major UN agencies, including UNAIDS and WHO, 30 plus delegations of international agencies and enterprises. The total turnout is over 200 guests. OAFLA put forward a grand activity named Free to Shine", aiming to unite global partners for promotion of the health of women and children in Africa.  



2. Visit to the Secretariat of the OAFLA

On the morning of January 30th, the delegation visited the Secretariat of the Organization of African First Ladies Against HIV/AIDS (OAFLA) and had working-level talks. The two sides exchanged ideas and shared information and concept documents on the PBIC2018 Public Welfare Challenge, Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Beijing Summit, the side conference of the 73th UN General Conference, etc. Its reported that feedbacks on the second phase donation have been received. The third phase donation will continue to focus on supporting PMTCT (prevent mother-to-child transmission), and anti-AIDS projects for women and children, as part of the support for the Free to Shine


3. Visit to Ethio-China Huajian Industrial City

On the afternoon of January 30th, the delegation group visited the manufacturing factory of Huajian Group (the vice-chairman unit of CABC), located in the East Industrial Park and Huajian International Light Industrial City in the capital of Ethiopia. It was reported that Huajian Light Industrial City would function as a combination of export processing, commerce and services and was expected to bring about 2-billion-US-dollar foreign exchange and provide 50 to 60 thousand jobs.  



4. Visit to the Chinese Embassy in Malawi

On February 1st, the delegation visited the Chinese Embassy in Malawi and was accorded a cordial reception by Ambassador Wang Shiting. Ambassador Wang said that Malawi needed assistance and support in education, so that the choosing of music classroom equipment as donation was very good and appropriate, which helped a lot in improving Malawis teaching facilities and school conditions. He also pointed out that such project drew closer the people of China and Malawi, which was a manifestation of civil diplomacy and was of great significance. 

5. Visit to China Aid Malawi Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center

On the morning of February 2nd, the delegation visited China Aid Malawi Agricultural Technology Demonstration Center. Director Mou Zhengang, head of the center, received the delegation and briefly introduced the condition about the operation of the center, which aims to promote and demonstrate agricultural technology and crops suitable for Malawi, and helps to increase peoples income. 



6. Visit to Ms. Mutharika’s, the first lady of Malawi

On the evening of February 2nd, Ms. Gertrude Mutharika, First lady of Malawi, met with Ambassador Wang Shi Ting and his wife and the delegation of ACBC. Ms. Mutharika recalled the warm welcome she had received when she visited Beijing in October 2016, during which she was impressed with Chinese teenagers' hospitality and affection for Africa. After the meeting, Ms. Mutharika gave a state banquet for the delegation. And vice chairman Wang Xiaoyong, Ambassador Wang Shi Ting and MS. Mutharika respectively delivered speeches, appreciating the friendship and youth exchanges between China and Malawi.  


7. Host of the handover ceremony of Chinese students donating musical instruments to Malawian school

On the morning of February 3rd, the handover ceremony of "Malawi Music Classroom Public Welfare Project" initiated by Chinese middle school students was held at the Lilongwe Women's School in the capital of Malawi. The first lady of Malawi, Ms. Mutharika, Chinese ambassador to Malawi, Wang Shiting, and the vice president and secretary general of CABC, Wang Xiaoyong, the 3 ministers of education, culture and civil affairs, the responsible persons of first lady to beautify Malawi fund, Ministry of health of Malawi, Malawi Office of OAFLA, the Malawian ruling party, UN agencies and other international organizations, along with representatives from the 6 schools accepting the donations, altogether about 1000 participants. 



8. Visit to the representative’s of UNAIDS to Malawi

On the afternoon of February 3rd, the delegation had talks with Ms. Therese, the representative of UNAIDS to Malawi, to get acquainted with the current situation of AIDS prevention. It was said that it would be very difficult for a poor country as Malawi to realize the goal of "90-90-90" and the vision of "Zero AIDS". The “More Love, Less AIDS” Fund hoped to support more PMICT projects and AIDS detection projects for teenagers in remote areas of Malawi through OAFLA and other ways in the future.

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