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Zhang Huarong Delivered a Speech at the High-level Event in the Margins of the United Nations General Assembly

Mr. Zhang Huarong sitting on the dais

On September 21, as the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon knocked on the peace bell on the International Day of Peace, The Organization of African First Ladies Agaist HIV/AIDS (OAFLA) held its annual meeting in the UN Headquater. Vice Chairman of CABC Mr. Zhang Huarong attended the meeting and delievered a speech.

Distinguished President,


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Good Morning,

I would like to thank first the organizers to invite me here today and to address this audience. For me it is a real honour and a valuable opportunity to learn from you all.

For the past two decades, being a Chinese private sector businessman I have accomplished the following;

Firstly,following my entrepreneurship dream, I arrived to Guangdong in 1996 and established Huajian Shoe Factory. In 2006, the World Shoes shoes Hub was founded,employing a decade later 16.000 people.

Secondly,as my heart belongs to my hometown, Huajian Group established an international shoe city in Jiangxi Province employing over 10.000 people.

Thirdly,due to my predilection for Africa, we established in October 2011 a two production lines factory of 500 employees in just three months time in Ethiopia, setting a new milestone in “Ethiopia’s speed”. This made it possible to sell women GUESS shoes “Made in Africa”from Ethiopia to the United States of America.

The meeting was moderated by the President of OAFLA, First Lady of Ghana (third from right)

During this five years after having invested in Africa, Huajian looks after the vocational training of local young people, alongside the development and health of female employees.

Currently Huajian employs 4.200 local people, of whom 56% are women. Nowadays there are 86 among them who have been promoted to junior and senior level management. Ms. Turunesh Manecha, joined Huajian in December, 2011 spending three months of training in China. Later, in 2012 she became the team leader. In 2013, she received a training in computer skills and finance, becoming an price auditor. In 2015, she became a mother of a girl and recently in this month of July she became the head of price auditing. Her husband, Mr. Diro works as well in Huajian management department.They just bought this year their very own house.

For the future 5 to 10 years, Huajian is commited to create from 30.000 to 50.000 jobs and to enable more young women to be trained, employed and to be cared for.

Nowadays, Huajian Ethiopia has six production lines with an annual export of 2.4 million pairs of women shoes, being one of the largest Ethiopian export companies. In the same way, we are currently building an international light manufacturing city in Addis Ababa. Likewise, China-Africa Business Council is targeting 10 to 15 African countries to be the recipient of Chinese private investment and promoting industrial zones. 

From the the perspective of a business man, the investment in Africa, cooperation for development and progress are the cornerstone for tackling poverty and gender inequality. Huajian will continue to strive for this righteous purpose.

Huajian deeply believes that given these foundations and through canalizing funds, we will be able to support the health of the African adolescents girls and promote the HIV/AIDS prevention and control.

As the Vice Chairman of China-Africa Business Council, I actively support the “Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund” under the guidance of UNAIDS and the African First Ladies. The fund will mobilize more Chinese companies, celebrities and society for learning and caring for Africa, with a special focus on mothers, children and adolescent girls.

In the same way, we will continue to support “Huajian care”, creating a workplace free of discrimination.

Let’s build our workplace a righteous place where people respect each other.

To conclude please allow me to extend my sincere wishes to all of you.

Let’s join hands together.

Thank you.

-ZHANG Huarong

Mr. Zhang with Michel Sidibe, Deputy Secretary-General of UN and Executive Director of UNAIDS

Mr. Zhang with the First Ladies and leaders of international organizations

Mr. Zhang with MadamYoo Soon-taek, wife of Mr. Ban Ki-moon 

HUA JIAN CARE was highly approved by Mr. Michel Sidibe

Mr. Zhang and Dr. Lamin Sise, Advisor to the Secretary General and Executive Assistant to Mr. Kofi Annan

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Annemarie Hou, Director for Communications and Global Advocacy, UNAIDS

Mr. Zhang communicating with representatives from international organizations

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