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China Hyway Group: Build Bridge for China and Africa Communication

In 2014, China Hyway Group launched the Jimei University—China Hyway International Class, fully funding 32 Angolan youths to study at Jimei University, Xiamen, China. In 2019, all of them passed the HSK level 4 and professional examinations and successfully obtained graduation certificates. The success of Jimei University-China Hyway International Class marks the start of joint program of education between China’s going global private enterprises and domestic universities. While, it failed to start as scheduled because of COVID-19. However, Hu Jiaming, CEO of China Hyway, said, "When the global pandemic is under control, we will find new teaching model for the post-epidemic era." Projects like "Jimei University-China Hyway International Class" are necessary for the development of Chinese enterprises in Africa and the friendship between China and Africa.

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