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CABC and Standard Chartered explore financing solutions for China-Africa business cooperation

CABC and Standard Chartered Bank jointly held a conference on “One Belt One Road” China-Africa business cooperation financing solution in Beijing on June 11, which was aimed to provide solutions for cross-border commerce and international settlement for member enterprises.

Speakers from the Standard Chartered Bank introduced their products for cross-border commerce and international settlement specifically designed for middle and small-sized enterprises. Other speakers touched upon other topics including the major risks faced by Chinese enterprises when investing abroad, and potential risk-mitigating measures. Managers from two enterprises shared their experience of oversea investment. After the presentations, participants went into in-depth discussions on financing for Chinese enterprises cooperating with African entities under the OBOR framework.

The conference was also the first occasion to carry out a live streaming by pictures, which was made accessible for all members of CABC, and the conference attracted 3219 viewers.

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