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CABC Delegation Visited UNESCO headquarters in Paris

The CABC always maintains a multilateral perspective of the UN and of international institutions in its actions and has close connections with UN institutions. From May 19 to May 25, the CABC delegation visited the headquarters of UNAIDS in Geneva and of UNESCO in Paris. The CABC delegation met with officials from UNAIDS, ICRC and UNESCO and discussions were held for deepening future cooperation. The two sides reached a mutual expectation to work together in international projects benefiting Africa.

The CABC has long been active in charitable work. The Increasing Love for Decreasing AIDS Fund, a public benefit channel co-organized by CABC and one of its major charitable efforts, was praised by the UNESCO Representative in Gabon, Mr. Vincenzo Fazzino. In the future, the Fund will cover more beneficiaries to also support education and culture in Africa, which promises a future cooperation with UNESCO Gabon since major charity initiatives of CABC converge with UNESCO’s priorities.

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