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【Events】Friendly business dinner with Former COMESA Secretary-General, Mr Sindiso Ngwenya

On September 8th, 2018 CABC international department met with former COMESA Secretary General Mr Sindiso Ngwenya for a post FOCAC friendly business lunch. The main discussions centered around the upcoming Intra-African Trade fair and ways in which CABC can partner with the organizers and actively participate in this exciting event.


Analysis by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) shows that a primary reason for low levels of intra-African trade (estimated at 15%) as compared to inter-regional trade in Europe (59%), Asia (51%), and North America (37%) is the lack of access to trade and market information. To address this challenge, Afreximbank will convene the Intra-African Trade Fair every two years to provide trade and market information and connect buyers and sellers from across the continent and the Diaspora.


The Objectives of the intra-african trade fair

In bringing together continental and global players to showcase and exhibit their goods and services, and to explore business and investment:

• To serve as a marketplace where buyers and sellers of goods and services meet and explore business opportunities

• To provide a platform for B2B exchanges and development of business opportunities

• To share trade, investment and market information with stakeholders including investors, SMEs, and the informal sector

• To engage Africans in the Diaspora through trade and providing a one-stop shop for continental wide business opportunities

• To engage in thought-leadership session in identifying solutions to address the challenges affecting intra-African trade

• Platform for Afreximbank and other financial institutions, to share information on their trade finance and trade  facilitation interventions that will support intra-African trade

• To discuss topical issues affecting intra-African trade and provide practical and effective solutions

• To deploy multi-country and multi-company pavilions that will serve as one-stop shop for intra-African trade and investment opportunities in Africa. 

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