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CABC South-South Development Center Projects

SSDC Small Project- Promoting Africa’s Broadcast Television Dubbing Skills


To help improve the capacity of voice acting and its relevant technologies in Tanzania, China-Africa Business Council, together with its partner Tanzania Broadcasting Coorporation, has proposed a pragmatic training program to promote Africa’s broadcast television dubbing skills, which includes on-site research of the broadcasting and dubbing industries in Tanzania, selection of trainees for a professional training course in China, workshops to summarize the training experience and promote dubbing technologies in Tanzania and other African countries.


As the training course went further, students’ dubbing skills improved much. Therefore, they took part in two forums and made performances which gained much praises from both the actors and the training class.

1.     Performance at the “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”

The trainees performed the dubbing of “Daughter Country”, a classic plot of Chinese TV series “Journey to the West” for leaders from all over the world at the sub-forum of the “Belt and Road”, which demonstrated recording techniques and character shaping skills.

2.     Performance at the “Seventh African Digital Television Development Forum”

The participants of the training course, took part in the Seventh African Digital Television Development Forum and interacted with African leaders. They introduced the standard dubbing to the state leaders so as to arouse the attention to enhance the level of dubbing technology.

3.     Performance at the “Tanzania Second Dubbing Contest”

The first batch of trainees joined in "Tanzania Second Dubbing Contest" as tutors and conducted professional dubbing training for contestants. Applying the standards and requirements of dubbing that they had learned, they helped to promote the dubbing development in the motherland.


The training course, with increasing media focus, has contributed to cultural and technological exchange between China and Africa.

Promoting Prefabricated Housing in Lyberia


With a fast-growing population and rapid urbanization process, Liberia and some other African countries now face an increasing pressure on providing adequate housing for their citizens. China-Africa Business Council, together with its partner Hengtong Science and Technology Innovation Saimu Technology Co., Ltd. organizes to cooperate with relevant Liberian national authorities, and carry out Prefabricated Housing Promotion project. It contains on-site research of local housing condition, a complete solution plan for promoting the rapid-fabricating and low-cost housing, and technical training through dispatching skilled technical workers from China to Liberia and help local residents and industry colleagues to master the technology of rapid-fabricating and low-cost housing.


This project was designed to be implemented in several activities.

       From April to June 2017, the company organized and arranged the relevant personnel of design, construction, and management for investigation and site selection in Liberia. 

        From June to August 2017, the company selected Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, as the site to construct the rapid and low-cost model room of Hengtong.

From August 2017 to January 2018, Wang Qiuyan, the general manager of the Company, personally supervised the project experience exchange meeting held in Liberia.

From January to March 2018, Wang Qiuyan, the general manager of the Company, personally supervised the technology exchange meeting of rapid fabricated low-cost housing in Liberia held in Beijing.


Prefabricated building overcomes the obstacles of construction in Liberia, and to much extent, helps ensure the stability of local people’s livelihood. This project opens the market of Chinese enterprises in Liberia, drives the development of fabricated buildings in Liberia, and stimulates the economic development of Liberia

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