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BGI Group


Founded in 1999, BGI is one of the world's leading life science and genomics organizations. BGI’s mission is to use genomics to benefit mankind and to be a leader in the era of life sciences. BGI follows a genomics development model of “research, production and application”. With businesses in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, BGI has established cooperation and partnerships with thousands of different organizations across multi-disciplinary research areas including medical health, resource conservation and judicial services. At the same time, BGI provides equipment, technical support and solutions for the needs of national economies and people's livelihoods, such as precision medicine and precision health. BGI is committed to applying its genetic and technological achievements to real world settings in order to realize the dream of trans-omics for a better life. 

With advanced genetic reading, writing and storage, multi-disciplinary and new biological research system and abundant application cases, BGI has established extensive collaborations with domestic and international standardization organizations, industry-leading research institutions and enterprises, aiming at building the most influential standards and databases in the field of life science, and promoting the development of human health services and technology applications, based on “big platform”, “big data”, “big science”, “big industry” and “big livelihood project”.

BGI participates in more than a dozen industry standard organizations or industry alliances, and assumes more than a dozen important seats, serving as vice chairperson, director of China, president of the association, or expert committee in organizations such as ISO, ISBER, SZAS, and LTIA. At the same time, BGI actively submitted standard proposals. In 2020, more than 69 standard proposals were submitted, and more than 260 were submitted in total, making important contributions to promoting the development and implementation of the world's leading standards and escorting the development of the industry. A number of high-throughput genetic sequencing reference materials developed in cooperation with National Institutes for Food and Drug Control of China, National Institute of Metrology of China and other units are indispensable tools for metrological calibration in the industry and fill many industry gaps.

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